Natural, Vegan Red Color

LycoRed's natural red colorant from ripe tomatoes for use in a wide range of applications, from low pH beverages, dairy and panned confectionary. LycoRed Colouring: natural, healthy and a great alternative!

Go Natural! Go Vegan!

Tomat-o-Red® - The natural color solutions for your complete
application portfolio in Food & Beverage.

In the food and beverage industry there are multiple obstacles that limit successful incorporation of natural colorants in product lines.
Tomat-O-Red® is a non-migrating color, for perfect use in layered desserts and other dairy products.

Natural colors tend to be less vivid, less stable and more
expensive than their synthetic counterparts. These
difficulties are solved by using LycoRed's natural
colorants derived from tomatoes.

Our Tomat-O-Red® is available in liquid form and are
FDA and EU approved colorant

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