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Tomato Lycopene - carmine alternative

The Tomat-O-Red range of powder and liquid based tomato lycopene formulations deliver vibrant red colours in a wide range of food and beverage applications.
Consumer and retailer pressure has lead to a move to reformulate existing products containing carmine and find more acceptable alternatives.
The main issues with cochineal carmine that have lead to this trend are caused by its origin from the cochineal insect which means that it can be neither vegetarian, kosher nor halal.  Tomato lycopene is derived from LycoRed’s own lycopene rich tomatoes and as such suffers from none of these issues.
There are also concerns about the aluminium content of carmine and increasingly the potential for allergic reactions due to the protein carrying over from the original source.  Again tomato lycopene has none of these issues associated with it but still delivers a vibrant stable red colour applicable to a wide range of food and beverage types.

LycoRed excels at innovation. Since 1995, LycoRed has met the needs of the nutrition industry with quality formulations, new applications and expert problem solving. LycoRed offers a wide range of carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and specialty ingredients for dietary supplementation, food fortification, coloring and flavor enhancement.
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