Sustainability and Corporate Responsability

Holistic Production

From seed to sprout

Lycored production process is optimized to get the most out of our tomatoes, with as little waste creation as possible. We use our own breeds – with our red tomato 4 times richer in lycopene than standard tomatoes you’ll find at the grocery store and our golden tomato created specifically for its natural phytonutrients perfectly suited for skin structure and wellness. 

After our luscious tomatoes have soaked in the sun of California and Israel and been harvested, the tomatoes are sorted and washed. Their skins, stems and seeds are then removed and repurposed into the agricultural industry. So nothing goes to waste.

Finally, we use mechanical crushing, deaeration, cooling, and heating to separate the fiber tomato pulp and liquid serum. The liquid serum contains the delicious taste characteristics that make up our taste enhancers SANTE and CTC. The fiber tomato pulp contains a wealth of goodness that’s not only extracted for our red to pink colors but also the health and wellness components for our proprietary nutrients and lycopene solutions. The remaining pulp is used for our LycoFibers texture enhancer. 

Watch our products grow!

We know tomatoes are full of nature’s goodness. That’s why we ensure 100% of our tomatoes are utilized once harvested.

Environmental Engagements

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Lycored strives to create strong partnerships with our suppliers and consumers that are built on a joint effort to amplify the positive impact we can have on society, safeguarding our natural resources and environment, protecting labor and human rights, and acting ethically. This sustainable procurement procedure outlines Lycored’s commitment to ensure that the way we conduct business with our suppliers is done according to high environmental, social, and ethical standards.

  • Lycored adopts a sustainable approach to protecting the environment by promoting renewable energy, recycling and waste reduction.
  • Lycored is committed to nurturing its human resources, encourages entrepreneurship and personal and organizational excellence. The company promotes employee training, fosters professionalism, and facilitates good working relations.
  • Lycored’s quality policy covers all aspects of people, processes and products, including new product development, raw materials, packaging materials, production, storage, delivery/transport, marketing, communications, and sales. This ensures the Company’s reliability from the first interaction to delivery.
  • The Company takes the Customer Centricity approach, stays current with its customers, promotes its partners, and adapts its products to customers’ requirements and changing needs, thus always providing high-quality products.
  • Lycored believes in its responsibility to promote health and quality of life in the communities in which it operates by contributing actively to the community.

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