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Carnitine supports cardiovascular health, facilitates energy metabolism, improves exercise recovery time, and plays a role in weight management. It does all this by delivering long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria, the energy factory of cells. The fat is then oxidized and muscular energy is produced—particularly important for vital organs like the heart. Additionally, it has been shown to prevent the buildup of toxic compounds and waste by transporting them out of the mitochondria.


Certified Kosher (OU)

Certified Halal (IFANCA)


Acceptable for use in dietary supplements

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GRAS for food and beverage use

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Our offerings

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CarniCote 70C


min. 70% l-carnitine


Microencapsulated powder


Enrichment of foods in dry preparations where protection from hygroscopicity is required

CarniCote 85


min. 85% l-carnitine


Gelatin-free, microencapsulated powder


Enrichment of foods in dry preparations and low water content

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