Product Details

Twenty years after launching our foundational carotenoid extract Lycomato, the game-changing hero carotenoid blend for all around wellness and hot on the heels of our skin supporting extract Lumenato, we’re proud to announce Lycoasta—our latest skin and immune supporting Wellness Extract star derived from algae, loaded with free-radical fighting astaxanthin and ready for a range of soft-gel applications.

Health-grade algae-derived extract

Patented for synergy

Sourced directly from nature

Sustainably processed



Acceptable for use in dietary supplements

From gummies to softgels, there’s a delivery system for every occasion.

Standardized from algae

Our Lycoasta is sourced from Haematococcus pluvialis, a healthy green algae that turns red and produces the potent antioxidant when faced with environmental stressors.

Patented for synergistic combinations

Our patent acknowledges the synergistic combination between astaxanthin and tomato-derived lycopene.

Natural allies.

One of the reasons were so excited about the potential of Lycoasta is that recent studies have shown that the key carotenoids in Lycomato and Lycoasta, lycopene and astaxanthin, are also ideal partners in holistic antioxidant skin support, perfectly complementing each other across all parts of the skin—with lycopene setting the stage by activating overall cellular responses and the free movement of the potent free-radical hunter astaxanthin.

Sustainable by design

We’ve gone to great lengths to make our farming, production and sourcing processes as sustainable as possible at every step, including implementing a vertically integrated tomato farming system for Lycomato where we grow our own crops, minimize water use, maximize use of the entire fruit and compost the rest back into the earth—as well as the seawater and geothermally powered production used to create Lycoasta. These systems not only help preserve the sources of our powerful products and the natural purity of our ingredients, but they keep us focused on the true star behind our success: nature and its potent powers of wellness.