‘Tis the season to give and grow.

Good in Bloom 2016

In 2015, we celebrated Earth Day with our partners by sending surprise marigolds and handwritten notes across the country. It was a small act, but one that resonated with us and everyone who participated in our little event. We’re doing it again this year, spreading gold and goodwill coast to coast as a reminder that this holiday can and should be bright and joyful.

Everything's coming up marigolds.

This year, we sent hundreds of flowers, handwritten notes, and seeds to friends and loved ones in 30 different states from Massachusetts to California. We want to humbly thank everyone involved, from those who sent blooms to the team who packaged them up and sent them out. We'd also like to thank ClimateCare for offsetting our carbon emissions for this program. Each and every one of you made this Earth Day memorable and very special.

A look back at Good in Bloom 2015.

We’ve always believed that an act of kindness, even a little one, could make a big impact, so we decided to test this theory on the streets of L.A. and on the famous Las Vegas strip. Flower after flower, smile after smile—we saw firsthand just how powerful nature can be, especially in unexpected places.

We believe in flower power.

Marigolds aren't just beautiful to look at; the lutein inside each plant has been linked to both eye and skin health. We're proud to source our lutein from these beautiful flowers, and to offer it in a range of microencapsulated formulations that are allergen-free, vegan, and highly stable (guaranteed for 3 years). Lutein also features prominently in our proprietary carotenoid blend Lycoinvision™ along with carnosic acid and zeaxanthin.

12 easy, earth-friendly things to start doing now:

Avoid printed receipts and tickets when possible.
Pay bills online and opt out of mailed duplicates.
Recycle glass and plastic bottles and containers.
Turn off the lights if you aren’t in the room.
Unplug electronics that are not in use.
Use the great outdoors as your personal gym.
Run errands back-to-back to save on driving.
Switch to rechargeable batteries.
Use tote bags when shopping.
Stock your freezer. (It keeps it running efficiently.)
Skip the elevator and take the stairs.
Turn your computer off overnight.