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Healthy, beautiful skin begins from within, reflecting both our general wellness and the specific care we take of our bodies. At the core of our philosophy is the belief that superior skin health is intertwined with overall physical health and an active lifestyle. To support this, we have harnessed our deep scientific expertise to develop a specialized range of nutrient-rich actives, each designed to enhance both wellness and beauty. Lycomato works to provide comprehensive general wellness through its wide range of phytonutrients with blood circulation and antioxidant properties. Lycoderm nourishes the body and skin, offering a targeted blend of nutrients that help fortify the skin against sun damage and aging, thereby supporting its appearance and health. Finally, Lumenato harnesses the power of natural phytonutrients to support critical cell signaling pathways and the skin’s structural integrity.

All are allergen-free, certified halal, and kosher.


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Inflammation is one of the mechanism triggered by immune systems responses. It can be triggered by exposure to free radicals, or other environmentagressors.

Explore our inflammation fighting ingredients:

Oxidative Damage

Oxidative damage is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. It can be caused by exposure to heat, oxygen, light, pollution and other environmental aggressors.
Luckily, supplementation can help manage the effects of oxidative damage and better prepare your body for “Oxidative damage”. Discover our products that help prevent oxidative damage:

Skin Structure

Skin is composed of three layers, all of which serve different function but overall contribute to skin appearance.  As we age and our body produces less collagen and ceramides, essential components of supporting skin structure, the skin can start exhibiting signs of aging.

Discover our skin structure hero below:


The best skin health step one can take is to protect it from the sun. Photoagin can manifest as wrinkles, lines and texture and tone irregularities.

Explore how our Lycoder impact’s skin photoprotection:


Healthy skin is radiant skin.

Explore our collection of products aimed at cultivating the recipe for radiance at every age:

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative Damage
  • Skin Structure
  • Suncare
  • Glow

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