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Releasing stability and bioavailability


We know a product is only as good as it’s stability and bioavailability, so protection is key. Especially when you consider highly sensitive products like vitamins that are prone to oxidation and degradation from things like light, temperature and other ingredients.

Our delivery systems were primarily developed to help protect nature’s actives from these destructive external influences, and when possible, each method also enhances the bioavailability of our precious ingredients.

Alginate Beadlets

This proprietary technology protects the active ingredient from mechanical stress and increases stability. The resulting beadlets are very robust for direct compressed tablets and gummies as well as vegan and allergen-free.

Starch Beadlets

Active ingredients are encapsulated in starch. This type of beadlet is water-dispersible and suitable for use in both food and supplements.

Gelatin Beadlets

This method allows us to encapsulate the desired nutrients in gelatin. Our beadlets protect against oxidation and increase the stability of the nutrients housed inside.


Our actives in emulsion are gently agitated with oils to increase solubility and bioavailability.

Spray Coating

Coating layers can be adapted by using various methods, depending on active ingredients and final application needs.


The active is suspended in oil or other liquid. A heterogeneous mixture of a fluid that contains solid particles, is significantly large for sedimentation.


The active ingredients are mixed and ground to create a homogeneous powdered material.


Particles of one material are dispersed in a continuous phase of another material. Our superstable colors are dispersions.

Spray Drying

Coating layers can be adapted by using various methods, depending on active ingredients and final application needs.

Lycored's Capsudar

Capsudar, our precision encapsulation

Delivering nature’s beauty to our customers is not without its challenges. Our work towards promoting wellness for everyone doesn’t stop at harvesting actives and nutrients, we also ensure stability and bioavailability.

Capsudar precision microencapsulation technology turns fragile, volatile, and easy-to-spoil ingredients that require controlled storage conditions into stable, easy-flowing powdered solids that can survive the rigors of processing and packaging and be viable even with ambient storage. Microencapsulation helps add sensory, efficiency, and efficacy value to the active.

  • Mask Taste and Color

    Capsudar masks the taste and/or color of nutrients. It also ensures the active ingredient performs to its utmost potential.

  • Stability Over Time and Processing

    Capsudar mitigates the risk of nutrient loss during processing.

  • Reduce overage

    Capsudar improves dispersibility and minimizes overages.

Our Capsudar Products

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