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We’re frequently told to “love the skin we’re in,” but how often do we really practice that? Over the years, we’ve come to realize that maintaining skin health and wellness is a lifelong journey that begins on the inside, the home of our “inner glow.” With that notion in mind, we created Lycoderm™, our proprietary carotenoid beauty from-within solution, to manage the negative effects of solar radiation.

Rated the best overall diet for the 7th year in a row, the Mediterranean diet takes its strength from the variety of nutrients and food groups it offers. Lycoderm, our Mediterranean diet-inspired blend of tomato extract and rosemary leaf extract is carefully calibrated to maximize the synergy of these ingredients. The phenolic compounds and diterpenes contained in the rosemary extract, as well as the carotenoids and vitamins present in the tomato, act together to induce Lycoderm’s effectiveness in photoprotection. Lycoderm was clinically proven to support skin health and appearance and help balance our skin’s response to environmental stress such as UV rays.
Not only does Lycoderm work on it’s own to help support our skin’s natural defenses to photoaging, but it’s a perfect compliment to topical sunscreen for a full holistic regimen.

  • Non-GMO
  • Allergen-Free
  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Halal
  • GRAS
  • Standardized from tomatoes

    We grow our own crops on farms across the globe.

  • Beauty for all

    Lycoderm focuses on inclusive skin health for all genders and provides support against UV inflammation.

  • Upgraded Nutrition

    Safety and practicality is a top priority—our products can be incorporated into daily life without worry.


Our Offerings


  • Specification
    Lycored Nutrient Complex from ripe tomatoes and Rosemary Extract

  • Formulation

  • Applications
    Two pieces capsules, softgels, and nutritional bars.

See the science

Lycoderm's Bioavailability

Highly bioavailable, Lycoderm created a “reservoir of protection” both in the blood and in the skin, allowing the body to draw from them when it is most needed. It delivers these powerful phytonutrients throughout the body to help calm the internal cellular environment and protect the skin from within.

Breakthrough Studies

It is well known that the sun prematurely ages the skin, this is called photoaging, and wrinkles and facial lines are one of the visual attributes of the cellular damage that the sun induces. In our studies, we’ve set out to determine the impact Lycoderm can make, supporting the skin’s natural ability to protect itself from UV damage.

Because we believe skincare is for everyone this study included both genders and focused on evaluating Lycoderm’s impact on skin photoprotection abilities after supplementation. One hundred forty-five healthy men and women completed a placebo-controlled study, which showed that skin redness that was a result of sun damage- was significantly lower in the group that was taking Lycoderm. We also showed that such visual protection starts on the cellular level, as the participant showed a significant reduction in the inflammatory markers measured in the skin itself.

In another placebo-controlled study on 60 healthy women, we assessed the effects of Lycoderm™ on skin appearance, through image analysis, questionnaires, and expert visual grading. The results showed that Lycoderm reduces the severity of wrinkles and fine lines and also improves participants’ assessment of parameters, such as dryness, skin tone, and youthful appearance.

Those are visible evidence that beauty comes from within, showing how Lycoderm can help consumers protect the skin inside out and make them feel truly comfortable in their own skin.



Results and conclusions

Our extensive pre-clinical and clinical program explored and proved Lycored’s Lycoderm helps to nourish the body and the skin from the inside out, helping the skin to balance the harm from external stressors like photodamage and by that, supporting healthy and beautiful aging.

Here it is in action

See how our blend can help increase skin smoothness, density, and thickness, and help balance our skin’s response to environmental stressors such as UV rays.


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As a leader in ingestible skincare, we’re constantly expanding our program and continuing to push it forward. Check out what the press has to say about a few of our recent projects and events.

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Take it away

Here are a few key things to remember about Lycoderm:

  • Scientifically shown to support skin wellness and appearance through protection from stress caused by UV radiation across all genders.
  • Lycoderm compliments topical suncreen for a full holistic approach to UV protection.
  • Lycoderm is a skin wellness solution in one ingredient.
  • Lycored's dedication to research helps your brand stand out as one with effective products consumers can trust.
  • Lycoderm is an award-winning proprietary blend providing a broad spectrum of skin health and beauty parameters.
  • Lycoderm is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and non-GMO.

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