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Naturally derived reds and pinks for UHT dairy



Consumer demand for naturally derived colors is a focal point across all food and beverage categories but especially those that lend themselves to child-focused end products like flavored milk drinks. Historically, manufacturers of these beverages have been hesitant to switch from artificial colors due to the harsh temperatures necessary for the UHT process that promotes color degradation in many natural colors. Fortunately, our team has developed our lycopene-based reds for temperature, light, and pH independence with proven success in UHT dairy.

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Harvesting Possibilities

We tested our superstable ResoluteRuby A and ConstantCrimson A reds’ shelf life stability against Artificial Red 3 for UHT,  and surveyed moms on the perceived ‘naturalness’ of color of all three. Overwhelmingly, our lycopene-based hues performed better for stability throughout UHT processing and shelf life while also providing better appeal to moms.

Check out the robust depth of our tomato-based reds across the full results of our stability studies in UHT dairy.

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ResoluteRuby and ConstantCrimson
  • Withstand the most demanding processing and storage conditions
  • Longer shelf life and more packaging, display and storage flexibility than artificial colors
  • Clean label status, can be declared as ‘lycopene from red tomatoes’ in some regions
  • Enhances the natural positioning of products
  • Can replace artificial color without impacting consumer preference
  • Lycopene based hues


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  • “The focus groups suggested that there’s a “feel good factor” from buying their children a product that looks more homemade. Other feedback indicated that consumers are turning away from non-natural colors that are vibrant.”

    — Daily Dose of Dairy
  • “Assuming the average flavored milk beverage costs $1.50, which was noted in the question, consumers said they would be willing to pay up to $2.20 on average for a similar product with natural ingredients-a 47% increase.”

    — Nutritional Outlook

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