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Our team knows that achieving the perfect golden shade for your foods and beverages is of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve worked to develop our versatile GoldHold family for our range of superstable, natural colorants. Available as a fine, free flowing orange powder or liquid derived from natural Beta-Carotene, this pH, light and heat stable pigment opens up a world of pleasant yellow to orange shades across various flavor types and applications giving you the power to set the industry gold standard.

Certified Kosher

Certified Halal



Vegan Friendly

Label Friendly

Global Acceptance

Palm Free Option Available

Derived from Blakeslea trispora

This healthy fungus is the source of our natural Beta-carotene colorant families.

Versatile in delivery and applications

A standout performer in a variety of applications in powder or liquid format.

Superstable in challenging conditions

It’s not just about achieving the perfect shade. You have to maintain it too - that's why our colors are light, heat and pH stable.


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GoldHold™ A Dry

Hue Value




Star Performance Area

Beverages, Gummies, Dietary supplements, Bakery, Tablet coatings

Additional Key Applications

Confectionary, Dry mixes, Fruit prep, Dairy based beverages

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GoldHold™ B

Hue Value




Star Performance Area

Hard colored cheeses

See the science.

Our GoldHold Beta-carotene family is created using proprietary processing techniques that create a unique stability allowing for optimized performance across various formulation challenges while being globally accepted.

GoldHold Dry A is pH Stable.

Beta-carotene is more versatile than other natural yellow / orange alternatives.

Also an alternative to artificial colors such as Synthetic Beta-carotene, Tartrazine (Yellow 5) & Sunset Yellow (Yellow 6). Note - Can be labeled as an active

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We understand visual appeal plays a major role in the eating experience, which is why our teams have dedicated countless hours testing and evaluating our GoldHold family to ensure stability and beautiful color in your formulations.

Meet GoldHold A Dry
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Here are a few key things to remember about GoldHold:

Natural colorant with global harmonization

Clean label appeal

Versatile delivery method as a powder or a liquid

Proprietary production processes for light, heat and pH stability providing ease of use and shelf life stability

Well suited to many different applications

Produced in a vertically integrated system

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