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From a breed of golden tomato specifically bred for its beauty characteristics, our team carefully calibrated the natural mix of vital nutrients in Lumenato™. These nutrients work synergistically, support healthy cell signaling, support skin structure, and allow the skin to actively and effectively age beautifully.
Unlike our other tomato-based skin solutions, Lumenato doesn’t contain Lycopene. Instead, its blend of phytoene and phytofluene supports the skin’s nourishment and bolsters its natural defense systems. It’s not just talk! Lumenato is clinically supported and is a vegan collagen booster and true skin defender promoting the appearance of youthful-looking skin.

  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Allergen-free
  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Halal
  • Plant Based
  • One of a kind

    Standardized from our specifically bred golden tomato, you won’t find Lumenato™ anywhere else for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

  • CO2, solvent-free extraction

    By forgoing a solvent extraction, we keep the nutrients from our wonder fruit as close to nature as possible to maximize their inherent potency and amplify their naturally occurring synergy and holistic benefits.

  • Safe for food and beverage use

    Safety is a top priority—our products can be incorporated into daily life without worry, in liquid and dry delivery formulations.


Our Offerings


  • Specification
    min. 10% natural tomato carotenoids

  • Formulation

  • Application
    Soft gels, liquid filled capsules, bars, chocolate

Lumenato™ S 5% Beadlets

  • Specification
    min. 5% natural tomato carotenoids

  • Formulation
    Starch Beadlets

  • Application
    Hard shell capsules, powder beverages, gummies

Lumenato™ 4% Emulsion

  • Specification
    min. 4% natural tomato carotenoids

  • Formulation
    Cold water dispersible emulsion

  • Application
    RTD beverages, shot liquids

See the Science

Fast-Acting Results

Lumenato was designed to deliver concentrated skin-active nutrients extracted with the lipid fraction of the tomato to enhance bioavailability and efficacy. Building up a “reservoir of goodness”, the body can then deliver concentrated skin active nutrients to the skin and the body,

As shown below, the phytonutrients accumulate in the body as soon as a week after supplementation.

Strengthened Skin Barrier

In our most recent study, 60 healthy women aged 35-55 took one daily supplement for 12 weeks.

The study measured the effects of Lumenato on the barrier strength by studying the number of strippings required to disrupt the skin barrier and measuring transepidermal water loss. Supplementation with Lumenato appeared to strengthen the skin barrier, needing 59.9% more stripping to be disrupted. Trans epidermal water loss also reduced faster after skin stripping indicating that the skin was repairing faster.

Additionally, participants who took Lumenato showed better distensibility and more significant improvement in the ability to revert to its original state when stretched than participants who took the placebo.

Anti-inflammation and Balance

Inflammatory response and oxidative damage happen when the skin is exposed to stress, and free radicals, such as pollution and bacteria. Lumenato works to protect the skin against inflammation and oxidative damage, by balancing cellular damage at the molecular level.

Lumenato also acts as a biological buffer to control inflammation and oxidative stress by supporting the production and structure of the intracellular matrix, including collagen and ceramides.

For the Love of Collagen

Speaking of Collagen and Ceramides…

Nourishing and strengthening the skin with Lumenato can benefit people of all ages, as it helps to slow down the visible signs of aging through improved skin structure and appearance over time.

For ages 35 and under, it works to balance inflammation, protects against environmental challenges, and builds antioxidant and nutrient reservoirs. It also supports collagen levels and ceramides, providing skin structure support, and minimizing lines and wrinkles for increased firmness.

From ages 35 plus, Lumenato also continues to help the skin look and feel better, by supporting recovery from stressors like UV damage and maintaining skin’s structure to age beautifully and keep skin radiant and hydrated.

Lumenato complements and protects the structural benefits of collagen by nourishing the skin, promoting optimal internal environments for collagen to thrive, and enhancing the skin’s natural resilience. By serving as a vegan collagen booster, Lumenato pairs perfectly with collagen for a holistic beauty routine.

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Take it away

Here are a few key things to remember about Lumenato™:

  • Lumenato™ is a vegan collagen booster, making it a unique player in the collagen market.
  • Lumenato™ is a ceramide influencer and helps support skin structure.
  • Lumenato™ offers results consumers can see and helps grow product loyalty.
  • Sourced from our golden tomatoes bred specifically for their beauty from within benefits.
  • Through Lumenato’s™ solvent-free extraction, we are able to effectively and consistently deliver the most potent and natural expression of our wellness extract.
  • Clinically backed: We only trust what we can test and are dedicated to our product's ongoing research and improvements.

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