to the road less traveled.

There’s only one way to create real, reliable wellness: decades of dedicated research. As a result, our journey is a rich, unique one—a story that must be told.

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We’re still in touch with our roots.

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The Lycored story begins in 1995 with a tomato and one carotenoid: lycopene.

Over the years, this potent nutrient has been linked to everything from improved skin tone and texture to prostate health. The problem? Humans can’t produce lycopene (or any carotenoids for that matter) on their own.

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Years of trial and error eventually lead to the creation of Lyc-O-Mato® as well as our proprietary extraction process.

Since that fateful discovery, we’ve been dedicated to studying all carotenoids, uncovering their most valuable properties, and bringing their incredible nutrition to the world.

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The Lycored story begins in


Our first product, Lyc-O-Mato®, immediately establishes us as a leader in the research and development of carotenoid-based products.

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Acquisition of BioDar Ltd.


We expand our family with the acquisition of BioDar Ltd., an Israeli company specializing in the production of vitamins and minerals. At this time, our scientists start exploring microencapsulation techniques to strengthen our products even further.

2006 Section 3/9

Acquisition of H. Reisman, USA


We continue to grow our carotenoid and vitamin offerings with the acquisition of H. Reisman, USA. The company’s beadlet technology helps us expand our range of formulations to better meet our partners’ diverse needs.

2012 Section 3/9

Colorants Launch & Acquisition of Vitan Ltd.


We address one of the primary challenges of the food and beverage industry head-on with the debut of Tomat-O-Red® and Lyc-O-Beta®, our carotenoid-derived food colorants. This same year we acquire Vitan Ltd., a noted Ukranian producer of a beta-carotene rich biomass.

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Lycored Nutrient Complex


After years of careful studies, independent research, and clinical trials, we introduce Lycored Nutrient Complex™—our family of proprietary supplement-ready blends formulated to target common health concerns from cardiovascular support to eye health.

2015 Section 3/9

Our Twentieth Anniversary


We mark our twentieth anniversary by unveiling a completely refreshed brand look with a new logo, tagline, and a newly refined market perspective.

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Our promise to you means
the world to us.

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Our work is based on one idea: all people have a right to wellness. We've spent years studying nature's nutrient-filled ingredients, developing innovative techniques to amplify their potency and deliver it to you.

Lycored: Cultivating wellness.

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Good is where the heart is.

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Nutrition is for everyone.

Nature is our greatest inspiration, and science is our most important ally. But the real impetus behind our work is people—friends, family, colleagues, partners—and the idea that wellness is something we all can, and should, have.

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We innovate with you in mind.

Before we ever start thinking about product development, we ask questions. What are common health concerns people face every day? How can we fold nutrition into anyone’s lifestyle?

Our products aren’t a response to what everyone else is doing; they are the result of our own curiosity and a response to needs that we have felt and experienced firsthand.

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Heart + Soil

We believe, fully, in everything we create. This very deep connection to our work allows us to be more than a manufacturer of ingredients; it allows us to be a real partner, a trusted source of excellence and leadership. We’re a global family first, and a global company second. It really is amazing what a little heart (and a bit of soil) can do.

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Lycored encourages curiosity and innovation by keeping an open space for all ideas

- Eran Shani

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Good isn’t
great until you
prove it.

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Did you know?

It’s not uncommon for individual ingredients to be tested by producers who then combine all the various results when these nutrients eventually make their way into supplement form. Finished products are not tested, but they are sold as if they had been.

We do things differently. Learn about Lycored's extensive testing process on the next slide.

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A very brief look
at our testing process:


We begin with a selection of potential ingredients and comprehensive cell culture analyses. This could last anywhere from six to twelve months.


When an exciting nutrient or combination of nutrients is discovered, we move to pre-clinical (complex cell culture) and clinical (human subject) trials.


If the ingredient or ingredient blend performs well, we move forward with actual product development. We then repeat this cycle with the finished product before bringing it to market.

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Our process takes a long time.

The notion of offering anything that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted top to bottom is anathema to us and everything we stand for. We take our time, studying every nutrient we come across and every product we make so that when we do report findings, we can stand confidently behind them. Our methodology requires a significant investment of time and resources. It is distinctly not the easy way, but it’s worth it because you and your consumers are worth it.

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The ability to bring an idea from scratch to the final product is the most enjoyable part of the work

- Yoav Blatt

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Join us for the journey
of a lifetime.

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