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Product Details

Product Details

Yellow is generally recognized as the color of happiness, bringing sunshine and warmth to mind. And just like the sun, our StellarYellow family was born to shine. No matter if you’re formulating in food or beverages, this superstable color provides the benefits or independence in extreme processing and storage conditions with natural origins that make it the ideal choice for consumer-friendly labels.

  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Halal
  • Allergen-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Label Friendly
  • Global Acceptance
  • Derived from Blakeslea Trispora

    This healthy fungus is the source of our natural Beta-carotene colorant families.

  • Supports health perception

    Provides hues that aid in consumers’ perceived benefits of citrus by matching color expectation to fruit flavor.

  • Universal acceptance

    Unlike other yellow alternatives, this naturally derived color is accepted around the world.


Meet our family

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StellarYellow™ A

  • Hue Value

  • Star Perfromance Area
    Cloudy beverages, Plant-based poultry, Egg substitutes, Fruit bases/preparations

  • Additional Key Applications
    Surimi seafood coatings, UHT treated dairy milks, Hard boiled candies, Gummy confectioneries.

Coming Soon

StellarYellow™ C Clear

  • Hue Value

  • Star Performance Area
    Clear beverages, Fruit bases/preparations

  • Additional Key Applications
    Hard boiled candies, Gummy confectioneries

See the Science

See the Science

From one end of the pH scale to the other, StellarYellow shines.

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There's more to this story

When evaluated against other common yellow color alternatives used in beverages in different regions around the world, StellarYellow provided excellent stability and hue as well as global acceptance. Click here to see the stability study results of StellarYellow in beverages.

Achieving true fruit shades is important in all applications, but even more so in fruit preparations that contain fruit pieces in them, creating a stronger correlation between visual and taste expectations. When put to the test, StellarYellow’s stability is exemplary in high heat. This Beta-carotene derived hue can be tailored to achieve multiple fruit shades for lemon, pineapple, apricot, peach and mango,

Take it away

Here are a few things to remember about StellarYellow:

  • Synergistic with absorbic acid
  • Consumer and label frienly
  • Versatile across a range of food and beverage applicaitons
  • Superstable across extreme conditions
  • Naturally sourced colorant with global harmonization

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You’ll find it on HueFinder™, our unique online color matching platform for exploring new natural food and beverage color possibilities for your categories.

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