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Our 5 senses are essential to discovering and experiencing beauty in our life, the world, and nature. The human eye is capable of incredible things, like differentiating between more than 10 million colors and detecting the tiniest particles.

Maintaining and supporting eye health is crucial in our quest to uncover the beauty within. Our product families; lycopene and Lycomato from tomatoes, lutein HZ (5:1 ratio of Lutein to Zeaxanthin), and Lutein from marigolds, are carefully calibrated for eye health and nutrition.

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Macular Health

The macula is responsible for the sharp, central vision we need for seeing fine detail.

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Eye Nutrition

Some nutrients can help and participate in maintaining vision by providing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

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    — U.S. News
  • “Lycored’s proprietary beadlet technology was key to overcoming stability problems”

    — NutraIngredients

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