Heart + Soil

Nutrition isn’t complicated. For us, it’s natural.

There is inherent beauty in everything around us, and especially in nature. The science of nature is and has inspired us in the development of food, beverages and nutrient products for the past three decades. This means we approach everything we do with a sense of wonder and a driving desire to find the best possible outcome or create the highest-quality product.

While we devote ourselves fully to everything we make, our real hope and purpose is to empower everyone on their wellness journey and to share some of our wisdom with the world. With customers at the center of our focus, we strive to provide support to our community.

Our deep connection with nature and humanity drives us. While we hope that our contribution to the industry is a positive one, we still take time every fall to dedicate a day to outreach activity.

The three seeds of Lycored

Whatever we’re working on whether it’s a once-a-day supplement or a flavor-enhancing ingredient blend, all of our products are made with the end user in mind. Always.

We don’t believe there’s a “right way” to approach the discovery process. We spend as much time in the lab as we do out on the farm getting our hands dirty.

These incredible phytonutrients are the reason Lycored exists. We first got to know them through tomatoes, but now we find them in flowers, trees, and other veggies and fruits.

Heart + Soil Through The Years

While delivering on our promises to you is our biggest priority, we’re also committed to nourishing communities—whether that’s through our innovative wellness products or giving back to the people around us.

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