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Naturally derived hues for fruit preparations



When viewing a product that includes a fruit preparation, the visual creates a sensory impression for taste. This means color plays an important role in matching the true fruit hues associated with fruit flavors. For example, strawberry fruit preps need to have the distinct red color that universally comes to mind, leading to thoughts of sweet taste, freshness and good or better for you natural food perceptions. The challenge with this is traditionally, naturally derived colors struggle to maintain vibrancy in extreme processing conditions causing dull, muted hues that can migrate and bleed into other parts of the product, resulting in an unappealing visual that doesn’t meet perceived taste and quality expectations. With our naturally derived lycopene and Beta-carotene portfolio this is no longer a challenge. Our superstable shades consist of reds, gold, yellow and orange and have been formulated with all nature’s goodness to withstand extreme light, heat and pH conditions for consumers for consumer-friendly, true-to-fruit hues.


Harvesting Possibilities

When we say true to fruit hues and superstable, we mean it. And to show that, we put our theories to the test in a three-phase stability study, challenging our red, yellow and orange hues against other options like paprika, and carrot concentrate. carmine and no added color in yogurt layers.

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View the full stability studyshowcasing lemon peach, apricot, strawberry and raspberry hues

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Lycopene Based Hues

Superstable shades for fruit preps
  • Unique red shades for authentic strawberry, cherry, pomegranate and raspberry fruits
  • Process stable (incuding high heat levels and holding temperatures over 30 minutes)
  • Stability to UV light in chiller cabinet
  • Vertically integated super producing source of known origin
  • Clean layer: no migration into the dairy base – migration is a real issue for carmine based coloring, even when paired with pectin.

Beta-Carotene Based Hues

Superstable shades for fruit preps
  • Can be tailored to achieve multiple fruit shades for lemon, pineapple, apricot, peach, mango and guava fruits.
  • Process stable (including high heat levels and holding temperatures over 30 minutes)
  • Stability to UV light in chiller cabinet
  • Lycopene based hues
  • Beta-Carotene Based Hues


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We’re always pushing the boundaries of our coloration portfolio.
Check out what the press has to say about a few of our projects below.

  • “Lycored’s colors remained stable at various temperatures up to 900C for over 30 minutes’ holding time, demonstrating that they are process-stable, even when subjected to high heat levels.”

    — New Food Magazine
  • “Colored fruit preparation using Lycored’s colors can create appealing color effects in yogurts, smoothies and deserts.”

    — Food & Drink Business

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