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Lycored’s portfolio elevates your gummies’ look, taste, and nutritional values with ingredients consumers can trust.

Traditionally a popular confectionery treat, gummies have gained popularity as a top format in the supplement space, as consumers look to make taking daily vitamins and other nutrients a more enjoyable experience

Through our naturally derived colors, we ensure that your consumers can both see and trust the quality of your products while providing them with a taste experience that will keep them coming back for more. Our solutions offer reliable taste, colors, and nutrients for food and wellness products achieving ingredient labels consumers will feel great about.

  • Clean-label friendly
  • Vegan Options
  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Halal


Our offerings

Discover our portfolio of products compatible with gummy applications

Beauty from Within

Nutraceuticals with beauty benefits are an ever-growing category in the supplement industry, and understandably, so are gummies for beauty and skin health.

Our proprietary nutrient, Lumenato works from inside to stimulate healthy cell signaling, support skin structure, and allow the skin to actively and effectively age beautifully.


Carotenoids contain a wealth of nutrients for a variety of health and wellness benefits. This makes them versatile as they are powerful on their own but can also be paired with other nutrients, thus being great candidates for  gummy applications.

Click the gummy-friendly carotenoids below to learn more:


Gummies are a fun and tasty way to take supplements. But as gummies are ingested, bioavailability is vital to properly deliver nutrients to the body. Lycored’s advanced microencapsulation technologies help deliver stable actives in many forms. Click on the gummy-compatible vitamins below to discover which may be right for your product:


Gummies are a fun way to take supplements or enjoy a sweet treat, but they wouldn’t be as fun without their crave-able colors.

Learn how we can bring stable, naturally derived colors to your gummies by clicking our color products below:


Lastly, no gummy is complete without a delicious taste! Our proprietary solution SANTE can elevate your gummy taste and  can help reduce added sugars.

  • Beauty from Within
  • Carotenoids
  • Vitamins
  • Colors
  • Taste

Fortified Gummies

Capsudar D2 Case Study

Capsudar is Lycored’s unique solution to curb overage and stability.

When compared to some cheaper competitors, the cost of use of Lycored’s products is still lower thanks to Capsudar’s sturdiness through processing.

For example, in accelerated stability tests, Capsudar D2 100 E showed zero degradation during the production process and outperformed competitors by almost double throughout the product life cycle.

Less is more

By reducing the volume of ingredients you need to buy to allow overage, you can reduce cost and unlock more value.

  • Logistics & Warehouse

    Less product to transport and store

  • Labor & Equipment

    Less production, labore and machinery wear and tear.

  • Waste

    Less waste in overage and throw aways of finished goods

  • New Markets

    Less waste to support your sustainability story, opening new markets

Color Performances

Colorful Solutions

Lycored’s color portfolio can provide red to pink and yellow to orange hues in gummies and other confectionery products. Our colors are naturally derived from tomatoes and Blakeslea trispora and shine by their stability. They are also clean and label-friendly, and meet parents’ desires for products with more naturally derived alternatives.

Real-time and accelerated stability tests were conducted with Lycored’s superstable colors and synthetic, all fortified with Vitamin C. Lycored’s cast of superstable shades proved true to fruit in character, lending an authentic, better appearance with good stability throughout both, accelerated and real-time, tests. Their stability was strong under the intense light conditions, and similar to that of the synthetic colors, even with the additional stress of the Vitamin C content.

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Lycored's Gummy Solutions in the Press

We’re not the only ones saying it. Read more about our gummy’s formulation successes below.

  • Tasting demonstrations included immune support-focused gummies using Lycored’s Capsudar vitamin D2 product in a range of Lycored’s superstable colors: from the tomato-derived ResilientRed to the Blakeslea trispora-derived OrangeOvation and GoldHold hues.

    — Nutraceutical Business Review
  • Natural colors aren’t a deal breaker for kids

    — Confectionery News

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