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Over two decades ago, we launched our very first proprietary blend. Today, Lycomato is one of our best-selling products, and a shining example of what can happen when the natural synergy of nutrients is optimized and harnessed. Our standardized tomato extract consists of carotenoids, tocopherols, and phytosterols, which are all naturally abundant in the tomato, a staple of the Mediterranean diet.

The patented process we developed for Lycomato that wards off oxidation and preserves the integrity of the nutrients is just one part of our vertically integrated production process. By overseeing each step, we can guarantee the quality and excellence of our tomato complex. Learn more about what that promise means to us here.

Non-GMO Project Verified


Certified Kosher (OU)

Certified Halal (IFANCA)

GRAS for Food and Beverage Use

Aside from lycopene, tomatoes also boast vitamins A, C, and K.

Standardized from tomatoes

We grow our own crops on farms across the globe.

Acceptable for use in dietary supplements

From hard shell capsules to tablets, there's a delivery system for every occasion.

GRAS for food and beverage use

Safety is a top priority—our products can be incorporated into daily life without worry.

Our Offerings

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Lycomato® 15%


min. 15% natural tomato lycopene




Dietary supplements—suitable for soft gel capsules

Lycomato® 6%


min. 6% natural tomato lycopene




Dietary supplements—suitable for soft gel capsules

Lycomato® 7%


min. 7% natural tomato lycopene




Dietary supplements—suitable for soft gel capsules

And the winner is....sustainability.

We were recently amazed to learn that we received an Achievement in Product Innovation distinction at the 2020 Stevie Awards in recognition of our work to sustainably minimize waste in our vertically integrated production of LycomatoTM.

From seed to supplement, we are constantly refining our holistic approach to make the best possible use of everything nature gives us. Not only do we lower water use and reduce waste by repurposing seeds, stems, skins and vines as animal feed, but because the tomato oleoresin we extract accounts for just 5% of the composition of tomatoes, we’ve also found techniques to use the rest of the fruit including the creation of Real Food products that can help reduce salt and sugar content and replace artificial flavor enhancers in a variety of food applications.

We’re truly humbled by the recognition and know that with our feet firmly planted on the ground with nature, the sky’s the limit for cultivating wellness.

The tomato is more than a fruit.

It's a lifelong ally that supports us from seed to sprout. Watch our video to see it in action.

See the science.

Our proprietary extract has been shown to support endothelial function, healthy circulation, overall cardiovascular wellness, skin’s ability to defend itself from oxidative damage and photoaging, and prostate health and comfort.* Check out the results of a few of our clinical studies below.

Nutrient Levels

Lycomato supplementation increases the carotenoid level in plasma, skin and adipose tissue.

Postprandial Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein

Consumption of tomato products with a high-fat meal was found to reduce postprandial oxidative stress (oxLDL) (IL-6).

Skin is in.

The ingredients in Lycomato were chosen specifically for the synergistic properties they display when combined. Our patented skin-grade Lycomato is standardized to preserve and enhance the natural efficacy of nutrients like lycopene, phytoene, and phytofluene, as well as Vitamins A and E that possess skin wellness benefits. Proven safe and effective, our blend is designed to complement a healthy skincare routine. It has been shown to aid our skin’s natural resilience to external stressors, support its ability to cope with the aging effects of sun exposure,* and increase its overall smoothness, density, and thickness. Check out the results of some of our studies.

Lycopene, phytoene, and phytofluene can help balance skin’s responses to environmental stresses and promote a healthier relationship with the sun.*

Carotenoids are antioxidants capable of hindering the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS).1 They accumulate in the skin, providing a “reservoir of goodness” that promotes skin wellness and helps maintain skin resilience in the context of environmental stress. For example, carotenoids may help balance our skin’s natural ability to manage sun-induced processes.2,3 The combination of phytonutrients in Lycomato—lycopene, phytoene, and phytofluene—work together to maximize skin health and wellness benefits. This combination has been shown to lessen erythema intensity following controlled UV light exposure in healthy volunteers.2 The nourishing effect exhibited by the phytonutrient combination was more pronounced compared to lycopene as a standalone (as shown in Figure 1).2 Moreover, 12-week supplementation with Lycomato was shown to control the mRNA levels of specific skin biomarkers such as MMP-1, a key enzyme involved in collagen degradation.3

A combination of natural phytonutrients from tomato and rosemary helps nourish skin with valuable antioxidants that can contribute to overall skin wellness over time.*

Following 12 weeks of supplementation, an antioxidant supplement with proprietary Lycomato was shown to help improve skin texture parameters such as skin density, thickness, and smoothness (as seen below).4 An observational study also revealed that higher cutaneous concentrations of lycopene were correlated to lower levels of skin roughness.5

The balancing effect of the tomato carotenoids increases when it is combined with other synergistic nutrients and antioxidants. In particular, the strong antioxidant carnosic acid from rosemary extract was shown to add another layer of synergy and enhance protective intracellular mechanisms related to skin wellness and the control of collagen degrading enzymes.

Our scientifically backed formulations are designed to not only help balance specific cellular processes in the skin, but to help improve its overall wellness. When used as part of a healthy skincare routine, our naturally derived supplements like Lycomato will leave your skin looking and feeling great.

An antioxidant mixture containing our proprietary Lycomato helps improve skin texture.*

Lycopene levels in the skin correlate with improved texture and reduced roughness.5 During a twelve-week study measuring the density, thickness, and smoothness of skin, statistically significant improvements were found in subjects who received the antioxidant supplement as opposed to a placebo.6

Take it away.

Here are a few key things to remember about Lycomato:

  • Our blend has proven benefits across diverse areas of wellness.
    • It's been shown that supplementation with Lycomato increases the carotenoid level in plasma, skin, and adipose tissue.
    • By supporting endothelial function, healthy circulation, and reducing overall oxidation in the cardiovascular system, Lycomato supports heart health.
    • Skin health is supported by boosting our largest organ's ability to maintain its natural resilience.
    • Our blend supports prostate health and comfort.
    • Lycomato provides antioxidant support and inhibits the production of mediators and cytokines.
  • Our blend is not only bioavailable, but has also been proven to reach certain target cells, which is crucial for efficacy.
  • Our patented single solvent technology preserves nutrients and allows us to guarantee standardized tomato carotenoids available at efficacious levels.
  • The carefully calibrated carotenoid and phytonutrient mix has proven synergistic effects that target specific consumer end conditions.
  • Extensive pre-clinical and clinical testing before and after product launch means we're always studying the effects of our blend.

This is a promise.

When you add a new product to your portfolio, or bring one into your home, you want to believe that it's not only safe and effective but that it was made with the utmost care and precision. But believing isn't the same as knowing, and that's why we created our seal.

This symbol is a manifestation of our commitment to supplying the highest-quality carotenoid and nutrient blends to you and your consumers. It is a beacon of excellence, a clear indication that our ingredients have been carefully cultivated, studied, and proven through years of research and innovation. More importantly, this badge is a rallying cry, an invitation to join a movement that puts wellness first and forever sidelines compromise.

Are you ready to join our revolution? Email [email protected] for further details.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. These statements are for industry experts and not meant for end consumers.

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