Color in Food and Health Products

Long-lasting color in beverages

Authentic and enticing visual appeal with lycopene and beta-carotene



For consumers in the Instagram generation, visual appeal is everything.  Adding color to a beverage product is a great way to increase its sensory appeal and ensure it looks true to flavor and draws the eye on shelves.  Even better when that color is naturally derived for clean label appeal.

Born from our proprietary lycopene-rich tomato and Beta-carotene from Blakeslea trispora, our spectrum of shades is synergistic with Vitamin C, and pH-independent. Moreover, it can withstand challenging processes and environments in a variety of beverage types, giving you freedom of formulation and a consistently beautiful hue your consumers will love. 


Harvesting Possibilities

We set out to test the stability credentials of our cast of naturally derived colors in a variety of beverages including low-alcoholic, mocktails, sparkling waters, and juices. 

Holding steady across the pH spectrum

We benchmarked against black carrot across a range of pH levels that are typical in beverage applications. the results speak for themselves.

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Superstable Colors

Long-lasting colors for beverages

Constitency through pH

Many natural colors, particularly anthocyanins, are variable in shade under various pH conditions. Lycopene red coloring from tomato, and yellow and oranges from Beta-carotene, is extremely stable due to the carotenoid pigment source.

Superstable Colors

Long-lasting colors for beverages

Synergistic with Ascorbic Acid

Many natural source colors such as anthocyanins degrade in color alongside this popularly used anti-oxidants and functional ingredients. Our carotenoid based colors buck the trend. They work together for a longer lasting vivid hue.

Superstable Colors

Long-lasting colors for beverages

Extended stability and shelf life

Many of our stellar cast of colors fo beyond the typical shelf life of beverage applications and stretch to 12 months. Every shade family has a representative depending on your desired hue.

Superstable Colors

Long-lasting colors for beverages

Consistency in shade

Fruit pulp can sometimes lose its colors and look whit and sediment-like, while th eliquid or juice retain its color. Our lycopene-based shades can support your aim for consistency.

  • Consistency through pH
  • Synergy with Ascorbic Acid
  • Extended stability and shelf life
  • Consistency in shade


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We’re always pushing the boundaries of our coloration portfolio.
Check out what the press has to say about a few of our projects below.

  • “Lycored’s colors also delivered excellent performance in sparkling water containing strawberry-flavored syrup. With over a 12-month shelf life and a broad range of shades true to typical fruit varieties, these colors are ideal for flavored waters or carbonates demonstrating resistance to fading, ringing and lack of sedimentation.”

    — Food Dive
  • “Naturally derived colors from Lycored are certified Kosher and Halal, non-GMO, vegetarian and are heat, light and pH stable. They give an authentic appearance to a wide range of products time after time – but not at the expense of a clean label.”

    — Food and Beverage Industry News

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