Proprietary Nutrients

Delivering wellness the way nature intended it.


Harnessing the harmony of nature’s gifts.

Lycored Proprietary Nutrients are the foundation of some of the shining examples of what happens when nutrients are carefully harnessed in a form that’s as close to the way they’re found in nature as possible and then optimized for all kinds of health support. While preserving the careful balance of phytonutrients from tomatoes, all of our extracts and complexes are precisely balanced with synergistic compounds that work together to deliver innovative and powerful wellness.

  • Wellness made possible by nature

    Our proprietary extracts and nutrients are the foundation of each of our products. All of our non-GMO ingredients are carefully extracted from our own breeds of tomatoes.

  • We've taken our tests.

    All individual ingredients and the resulting final products are the subject of rigorous testing and research to provide you with a scientifically backed solution you can be proud of.

  • There's something for everyone.

    Convenience is always top of mind for us. Lycored Proprietary Nutrients are versatile supplements providing benefits to meet a variety of consumer desires.


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Discover our Holistic Production process

We know tomatoes are full of nature’s goodness. That’s why we ensure 100% of our tomatoes are utilized once harvested. From this, our taste and texture enhancers, lycopene-based coloration portfolio and active ingredients are bone.

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