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Dialing in the ideal and most authentic red shade for your food and beverage applications can be challenging – especially when introducing high temperatures to the production process. This is where our ResoluteRuby family shines. Born from our vertically integrated system, this beautiful tomato-derived hue is pH, light and heat stable, and designed to create instagrammable appeal in a variety of applications to enhance the enjoyment of the eating experience.

Certified Kosher

Certified Halal



Palm Free

Vegan Friendly

Label Friendly

Global Acceptance

Derived from our own tomatoes

We grow our own crops on farms across the globe.

From plants to plants

Perfect hues for plant-based meats from our holistic production process.

Superstable in challenging conditions

It’s not just about achieving the perfect shade. You have to maintain it too - that's why our colors are light, heat and pH stable.


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Hue Value

18 - 24

Star Performance Area

Plant-based meats/ meat alternatives, UHT treated dairy drinks

Additional Key Applications

UHT processed products, Ice creams, Sauces, Sausages

See the science.

ResoluteRuby is formulated to provide superior stability in a variety of food and beverage applications while also providing the ease of global acceptance as a colorant derived from natural lycopene.

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That's not all.

Within the plant-based meat industry, ResoluteRuby is the leading solution offering superior color stability and clean label transparency. Used within a high fat matrix, ResoluteRuby creates an appealing raw coloration and bleeding effect on the inside and browning on the outside when cooked to create a vegan burger patty comparable to the real thing.

Meet ResoluteRuby in vegan burgers
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Natural red colors aren’t just important in spaces like plant-based meats for an authentic appearance, parents are concerned about colors used in the foods and beverages they feed their families. In fact, we conducted a survey in UHT dairy drinks, comparing ResoluteRuby A against an artificial red.

Our ResoluteRuby A provided a longer shelf life and more packaging, display and storage flexibility than artificial colors, and moms found it more attractive for children’s flavored milk drinks than artificial coloring. Download the study below for more information.

Meet ResoluteRuby in UHT Dairy
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Take it away.

Here are a few key things to remember about ResoluteRuby:

Naturally sourced colorant with global harmonization

Palm free

Clean label appeal

Perfectly suited for plant-based meats and meat alternatives

Proven stability and consumer appeal in UHT dairy beverages

Derived from lycopene from Lycored tomatoes

Performs well in a variety of food and beverage applications

Produced in a vertically integrated system

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