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Our Mission

At Lycored, we see an inherent beauty in the science of nature and a harmonized balance between our planet and the life it supports and nourishes. We also believe all people have a right to wellness. And that fuels our special mission to understand, at a deeper level, how the relationship between plant components – phytonutrients, colors, and tastes – can deliver a sensory journey that enriches well-being.

It's who we are!

Lycored unlocks the earth’s intrinsic power with naturally derived ingredients for innovative food, beverage, and nutraceutical offerings, with particular relevance in plant-based and clean-label products. We share our discoveries with our customers – brands also dedicated to helping people cultivate wellness.


Our Vision

Bringing Nature's Vibrancy to Everyday Life

Our purpose is to bring your consumers high-quality solutions filled with nature’s goodness to cultivate wellness from the inside out and help deliver wellness to everyone.


Our values on the shelves

“Our priority is serving our customers through effective ingredients and solutions backed by science so they can meet their consumers’ cravings and wellness needs. These solutions span an array of products that help enhance color, taste, and texture in food, setting you apart from the competition through a sensory journey. Our health solutions cover beauty from within, eyes, heart health, general wellness, and more. When products work and consumers see results and feel empowered in the body they’re in, there’s a level of trust and loyalty that’s created with the brand. Our motivation isn’t just to help our brands deliver effective products, but to show consumers the people behind their favorite brands understand and care about their health and wellbeing.”

Tammi Higgins, SVP Products & Applications.

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