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At Lycored, nature is our biggest inspiration and cutting-edge science is our most important ally. However, at the end of the day, it all comes back to you.

Nutrition isn’t complicated. For us, it’s natural.

We’ve been a leader in the research and development of carotenoid-based products for the last two decades and we take that role very seriously. This means we approach everything we do with a sense of wonder and a driving desire to find the best possible outcome or create the highest-quality product.

Sometimes we begin with an actual seed (from one of our tomato farms) and sometimes we start with the seed of an idea—maybe a health-related concern or even a question that was posed by one of our scientists on a quick coffee break. No matter how the process starts, we always go through extensive and time-consuming testing procedures, studies, and periods of refinement before ever bringing anything to market.

Our process takes a long time. And no, it’s not the easy way to do things. But when you’re fully committed to what you’re creating, you don’t mind putting in those extra hours, days, and years.

All of this work can lead any number of places. Sometimes it leads us to a brilliant and unexpected new discovery like our microencapsulation technique (which keeps ingredients stable and releases them slowly into the body) and of course all-new products (like our vegan-friendly red colorant). We devote ourselves fully to everything we make because manufacturing a proven-effective supplement isn’t enough. Our real hope is to improve industry standards by fostering a level of compassion and consciousness that all too often isn’t a part of the conversation.

The three seeds of Lycored


Whatever we’re working on whether it’s a once-a-day supplement or a flavor-enhancing ingredient blend, all of our products are made with the end user in mind. Always.


We don’t believe there’s a “right way” to approach the discovery process. We spend as much time in the lab as we do out on the farm getting our hands dirty.


These incredible phytonutrients are the reason Lycored exists. We first got to know them through tomatoes, but now we find them in flowers, trees, and other veggies and fruits.

Let’s go back
to the beginning.

The Lycored story begins in 1995 with a tomato and our hero carotenoid, lycopene. Over the years, this potent nutrient has been linked to everything from improved skin elasticity to prostate health. It fosters wellness in a way that many other chemical compounds can’t and it does it all naturally.

The problem? Humans can’t produce lycopene (or any carotenoids for that matter) on their own. We knew there had to be a better way to package this precious gift and give it to the world. Years of trial and error eventually lead to the creation of Lycomato®, our proprietary tomato extract filled with antioxidants and carotenoids. Although we owe a great debt to the humble tomato, we quickly realized that wasn’t the only fruit on the vine filled with natural nutrition. Today we source carotenoids and other brilliant vitamins and minerals from marigolds, fragrant rosemary, palm fruits, curcumin, and more.

Meet the family.

While delivering on our promises to you is our biggest priority, we’re also committed to nourishing communities—whether that’s through our innovative wellness products or giving back to the people around us.


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You're right! It's a carotenoid!

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You’re right! It’s not a carotenoid!

Wrong answer. It is a carotenoid.

Carotenoid. Yeah, it's a weird word but these phytonutrients are pretty wonderful. Naturally.

We'll show you a word or give you a clue.
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It's a Carotenoid

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It's NOT a Carotenoid

Ready to play? I Was Born Ready
We’re so fond of this tomato-derived nutrient that we named ourselves after it. Now that’s love.
We consulted our team of highly trained scientists before making this word up.
Responsible For Giving Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, And Chantrelle Mushrooms Their Color
Carotene is responsible for those amazing yellow and orange hues. It’s an important piece of the photosynthesis puzzle, too.
When concentrated in the macula of the eye, lutein helps to filter out blue light which many scientists believe induces oxidative stress on delicate cells.
Foliachrome however does exist and can be found in Rhinacanthus nasutus aka snake jasmine.
Can Be Consumed Daily
Carotenoids exist naturally in the fruits and veggies you eat everyday from cantaloupe to kale.
Trees produce these flavonoids (in addition to preexisting carotenoids) while they break down chlorophyll. The result? Beautiful fall foliage.
We shouldn’t have to tell you how important this alkaline earth metal is for healthy bone support. Don’t forget to drink your milk (and enjoy the occasional ice cream).
This minor carotenoid is primarily found in algae, krill, and even some shrimp.
Can Be Found In The Vietnamese Gac Fruit
This brightly colored fruit actually contains the highest known concentration of lycopene—it even boasts more than the tomato.
This carotenoid is most closely associated with carrots and sweet potatoes but it also can be found in dark, leafy greens like spinach.
It sounds like it could be a carotenoid, right? Well, it’s not. Somewhere our scientists are giggling.
They Work Best When Combined
It’s true—carotenoids do work better together and we have the (many many many) studies to prove it.
Vitamin B12
This vitamin isn’t a carotenoid; however, many carotenoids (like beta-carotene) break down into Vitamin A when absorbed by the body.
Can Be Found In Marigolds
We extract our all-natural lutein from these pretty flowers.
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