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Exercise is unequivocally good for us, but physical activity can take a toll on our bodies, from our skin to our bones. By harnessing the power and energy resources within carotenoids to help our bodies fight against oxidative stress, muscle damage, and fatigue, we can help keep ourselves in the best condition:

In recent studies, Astaxanthin has been shown to offset exercise-induced damage by helping restore the balance of the immune system within the first 24 hours.

Lycomato, another powerful antioxidant, supports cellular health and energy by reducing inflammation, promoting mitochondrial function, and contributing to cellular longevity.

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Cellular Energy

Feeling up to a work out can be hard when bodies experience stress of any nature. Keeping cellular oxidative stress at bay can help prepare for a better workout.

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Exercise and Recovery

Exercise if underniably good for the body, but it can also cause stress. That’s where a good recovery routine can make all the difference.

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