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From fruit prep to beverages to surimi seafood, our ResilientRed family creates eye catching, fun pink and red shades reminiscent of summer fruits for a variety of foods and beverages. Sourced from lycopene from tomatoes, this superstable family provides the stability and resiliency its name suggests across pH, light and heat extremes. And as one of our most versatile families, ResilientRed is produced through our holistic production process that ensures all parts of the tomato are utilized, offering consumers enticing shades and peace of mind for an earth friendly, label friendly coloring solution from nature’s goodness.

  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Halal
  • Allergen-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Consumer Friendly Labelling
  • Global Acceptance
  • Derived from our own tomatoes

    Grown on farms across the globe, no part of the tomato is wasted for 100% utilization once harvested.

  • Application versatility

    A standout performer in a variety of applications from dairy to beverages to savory and everything in between.

  • Superstable in challenging conditions

    It’s not just about achieving the perfect shade. You have to maintain it too – that’s why our colors are light, heat and pH stable.


Meet our family.

We’re always working to expand our family of products. Check back frequently to see what’s new.

ResillientRed™ A

  • Hue Value

  • Star Performance Area
    Plant-based meats and fish alternatives, UHT dairy drinks, Surimi seafood coatings, Fruit bases/preparations, Cloudy beverages, Fruit based beverages, Gummy confectioneries

  • Additional Key Applications
    Ice creams, Yogurts, Yogurt drinks

Coming Soon

ResillientRed™ C

  • Hue Value

  • Star Performance Area
    Pan Coated Confectioneries

  • Additional Key Applications
    Cloudy beverages, Fruit based beverages

See the science.

Compared to a common natural colorant, black carrot, ResilientRed A shows a proven superior stability across the pH scale, maintaining its beautiful hue.

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Put to the test.

The consumer demand for natural colors in food and beverage products is increasing, however, consumers still want to see the bright and vibrant colors they associate with specific flavors and food types like fruit bases/preparations . While this can be challenging for natural colors like carmine, beet and carrot that are not stable in extreme temperature, light and pH conditions, this is where our lycopene derived reds, ResilientRed included, standout. Formulated and tested to ensure they provide the beautiful, true to fruit hues consumers expect, our superstable shades help create the visual appeal and taste perception that drives purchasing behavior.

When compared to no color and carmine options, ResilientRed A shines with a stable, strawberry hue and no color migration into the yogurt layer over a 31 day shelf life.

Color consistency and migration stability aren’t just important in fruit preparation products, but also in surimi seafood where consumers desire vibrantly hued outer coatings. Using the Delta E system to measure the level of color variation visible to the naked eye, we tested ResilientRed A against Carmine & trace paprika over 91 days.

Showcasing stability in beverages, ResilientRed A puts on quite a show giving strong strawberry, rhubarb and strawberry, and summer fruit flavor perceptions through coloration. True to all our lycopene-based colors, ResilientRed A works in synergy with ascorbic acid to provide enhanced stability and a great fit for functional and fortified beverages.

Take it away

Here are a few key things to remember about ResilientRed:

  • Naturally sourced colorant with global harmonization
  • Consumer friendly labeling
  • Derived from lycopene from Lycored tomatoes
  • Performs well in variety of food and beverage applications
  • Withstands extreme heat, light and pH conditions

Looking for the perfect natural color match for your products?

You’ll find it on HueFinder™, our unique online color matching platform for exploring new natural food and beverage color possibilities for your categories.

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