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Knowledge is a beautiful thing.

These days, health-savvy consumers are taking better care of themselves with highly tailored exercise and diet routines. They also demand transparency when it comes to wellness products. We appreciate and welcome this desire because we feel the same way. From the plants that provide our ingredients to the technology we utilize, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.


We know super-powered plants.

Beautiful plants, flowers, and herbs house the nutrients we use to promote lasting health.


We source lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, and other phytonutrients from these tasty fruits.


More than pretty flowers, marigolds are an excellent source of lutein, which supports healthy vision.


When blended with our tomato extract, rosemary-derived carnosic acid helps promote healthy and resilient skin.

Two decades of earth-friendly expertise

Supplements and cosmeceuticals have been at the core of our business since the very beginning. We aren’t interested in trends or fads—just take a look at our extensive collection of carotenoids, vitamins and minerals, and specialty ingredients. We’re pioneers—and we’ve got innovation in our roots. We’re always exploring the natural world for new ingredient sources and utilizing technology to provide even better, more reliable solutions to our partners and your consumers.

Our product families

Our earth-sourced offerings take the guesswork out of inner and outer wellness. Select from the families below to learn more.


Our microencapsulation technique not only protects the stability of ingredients, it also prolongs product shelf life.

Our proprietary microencapsulation technology:

  • Improves stability
  • Protects against oxidation
  • Ensures controlled, steady release
  • Masks unpleasant tastes and odors
  • Prevents ingredient cross-interaction
  • Reduces ingredient hygroscopicity

Our delivery systems

We’re proud to offer existing and custom solutions for
all application needs.

  • Tablets
  • Hard-shell capsules
  • Soft-gel capsules
  • Powders
  • Liquids


Safety and efficacy are two of our top priorities. We stay abreast of ever-changing dietary supplement regulations worldwide. We’re proud to say that all of our supplement and nutrition products meet the standards below.


  • - Kosher
  • - Halal
  • - GMO-free
  • - BSE/TSE free
  • - GRAS for food and beverage use
  • - Accepted for use by the EFSA, TGA,
    and FDA

Label claims

We recognize the importance of nutritional support claims, and as a result, extensive laboratory and clinical testing is an important part of our process. We are proud to offer products with evidence-based results.

Future innovations

Lycored currently facilitates three major research and development programs that focus on exploring natural ingredient supplements beneficial to cardiovascular health, skin health, and immune system function.

We’d love to hear from you.

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