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Carotenoids have been at the very heart of Lycored since day one. Over the years, we’ve learned so much about them—from their ability to partner with other nutrients to the wealth of nutrition inside each tiny molecule. Before we get into the specifics of various products, let’s take a step back and look at these powerful nutrients as a whole.

What is a carotenoid?

Carotenoids are tiny pigments that give fruits, veggies, and other organisms their vibrant hues. The human body cannot manufacture them, making supplementation and dietary incorporation necessary.

Beyond the tomato

So why not eat more tomatoes? That’s important too, and we are sincere tomato lovers. However, supplementation opens consumers up to more diversified sources of carotenoids. It is also the best route to get a highly concentrated and steady daily dose of carotenoids. Daily supplementation of carotenoids may help reduce the risk of disease, notably promoting cardiovascular and eye health.


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