What do skincare consumers want?

First we presented respondents with a list of eight possible skincare goals (a healthy glow, natural appearance, radiance, smooth texture, youthful appearance, even complexion, reduced redness and overall / holistic wellness). They were asked to choose the five they most wanted to achieve in their own skincare regimes and to rank them in order of … Continued

A healthy glow: The new ‘end goal...

Carotenoids : The foundation for sk...

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What makes us feel beautiful is as individual as our fingerprints. But being connected to our bodies and nourishing them properly is a universally crucial step. A balanced diet not only helps us feel good, but also helps us look good — we all aspire to age beautifully. It’s magnetic on an instinctual level, and … Continued

What do skincare consumers want?

skin health: A glow that comes from...

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