Lycoderm™: the fruit of research

Lycoderm™ is a proprietary blend of standardized natural tomato extract and rosemary leaf extract. Lycoderm™ is carefully calibrated to maximise the synergy between these natural ingredients. It containe the optimal concentrations of lycopene, phytoene and phytofluene, as well as natural vitamins from the tomato such as vitamin A and vitamin E. The tomato phytonutrients are … Continued

Building on existing research and p...

A new breakthrough study

Time for a heart to heart.

Big news—our latest heart study showed a positive link between our tomato nutrient complex and cardiovascular health. In our double-blind randomized study, we gave varying doses of either our tomato nutrient complex, synthetic lycopene, or a placebo to 61 volunteers. The results showed a decrease in blood pressure for those who took our tomato complex, … Continued

Prepare to be amazed.

Two weeks is all it takes for bette...

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