Collagen and Carotenoids™: Perfec...

This is a love story. It’s about two of the star ingredients in the ingestible skincare market and how they turned out to be perfect for each other.   The first is collagen. Rising consumer awareness of its benefits for elasticity, wrinkle reduction and moisture has been a recent success story in the beauty and … Continued

Lycored’s Holistic Wellness Jour...

Lycoderm™: the fruit of research

Building on existing research and p...

Carotenoid levels in our bodies can increase just 24 hours after supplementation but while the full benefits of carotenoid supplementation take time to cultivate, some effects, such as reduced redness in the skin, can be seen after just a few weeks. Antioxidants like lycopene and other carotenoids help balance our skin’s response to environmental stressors … Continued

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