Carotenoids : The foundation for skin health

Carotenoids can be a “foundation”, one that creates the
best possible cellular environment for skin health and
appearance. Lycoderm™, for example, contains optimal concentrations
of lycopene, phytoene and phytofluene for skin wellness, as
well as natural Vitamin A and Vitamin E. These ingredients
are combined with carnosic acid to help support skin health
and appearance. Lycoderm™ is formulated to help balance the skin’s
response to environmental challenges such as UV exposure,
and to reveal its healthy glow.


Proven benefits

Lycoderm™ is supported by a large body of robust scientific
evidence. Most recently, its efficacy was tested in a well
controlled, full-scale, double-blind clinical study on 145
subjects.2 The research explored the role of Lycoderm™ in
enhancing skin resilience and balancing skin response to
UV challenge. The subjects supplemented for 12 weeks with either
Lycoderm™ or a placebo. They were exposed to controlled
local UV radiation at baseline, and again at the end of
supplementation. A statistically significant decrease in
erythema formation was observed in the group taking the
supplement compared to the placebo group (Fig 1). At the
molecular level there was a reduction in pro-inflammatory
cytokines. This more balanced inflammatory status was also
reflected in reduced erythema. The results provided definitive proof of the effect

of Lycoderm™ on physiological parameters such as reduction
of the intensity of erythema caused by UV exposure.