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We know your customers are discerning, which is why we’re discerning too. Our colors are tested to the highest level of scrutiny for stability, safety, and performance. They’ve also been proven in the marketplace, and will give your food and beverages a visually appetizing appearance that continues to shine through its lifetime on the grocery shelf.

By harnessing the power of nature’s rainbow, we’ve created a comprehensive palette of hues for a wide variety of applications. Explore below to find your perfect hues.


What are you looking for?

We offer a cast of colors tailored to your specific needs. Browse our options below for more information on individual applications.


Add a long-lasting splash of color to your beverages with our options for flavored waters, RTD teas, carbonates, juice based beverages, and powder mixes.


Colors so good they’ll make you say “cheese.” Discover our durable dairy options, which include colors for UHT treated flavored milks, dry desserts, custards, and hard cheeses.


Enticing yet enduring, our confectionary options add an extra yum factor to gummies and hard-coated candy.

Fruit Preparations

Realistic true-to-fruit colors make all the difference. Discover our variety of authentic and non-migrating fruity shades for your layered yogurts.

  • Overview
  • We evaluated our colors representing six of the most used fruit types in both laboratory and industrial scale trials
    Put through an accelerated light test
    Hold within temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes
    Outperform many market alternatives and provide shade vibrancy
    Deliver clean lines without migration between fruit and white mass
    Create realistic, true-to-fruit shades
  • Color Suggestions
  • Name Hue Range
    Strawberry Shade 1: ResilientRed A 24 – 29
    Strawberry Shade 2: ConstantCrimson C 16 – 22
    Raspberry: ConstantCrimson A 9 – 15
    Lemon: StellarYellow C Clear 80 - 84
    Apricot: OrangeOvation A 32.5 – 40
    Peach: StellarYellow A 75 – 79
  • Additional Assets & Media Wins
  • Check out the True-to-Fruit Colors Fruit Prep for Yogurt video.
    Check out the Fruit Prep Timelapse video.
    Read the Fruit Preparation Stability ebook
    Dairy Foods
    Let our HueFinder™ guide you to your perfect color match. Click here to search for a personalized shade preference for your application.


Whether you’re looking for industrial or artisanal options, our palette of playful shades can provide a spectrum of vibrant hues to your bakery icings and creams.

  • Overview
  • Our powder product is excellent for vanilla or custard type bakery cream for French patisserie or Danish type pastries
    Proven marketplace success
    Our superstable colors offer a broad array of shades for icings and creams.
  • Color Suggestions
  • Name Hue Range
    GoldHold A Dry 66 – 70
  • Additional Assets & Media Wins
  • Read the GoldHold A Dry ebook for typical applications.
    Let our HueFinder™ guide you to your perfect color match. Click here to search for a personalized shade preference for your application.

Surimi Seafood

Our sweeping selection of surimi seafood shades are quite the catch. They’re highly stable, heavily tested, and add longevity to the shelf.

  • Overview
  • Our colors are highly stable, outperforming other market alternatives
    Deliver clean lines without migration into white mass
    Objectively researched with monitoring of color on the coating and centers with Digieye photography, L*a*b values and delta E comparisons
    All of our shades outperformed market benchmarks
    Serve as good alternatives to carmine and paprika, individually or blended
  • Color Suggestions
  • Name Hue Range
    Carmine-type shade: ResilientRed A 24 – 29
    Carmine-type shade ConstantCrimson A 9 – 15
    Paprika Type shade: OrangeOvation A 32.5 – 40
    Paprika or Paprika carmine-blend shade: ResilientRed XM
  • Additional Assets & Media Wins
  • Read the Lycored handbook for coloring surimi.
    New Food Magazine
    Let our HueFinder™ guide you to your perfect color match. Click here to search for a personalized shade preference for your application.

Meat + Meat Alternatives

Nothing is quite as satisfying as biting into a good burger or vegan alternative. Our lycopene helps create mouth-watering reds in your plant bases, whether sliced, diced or pattie form.

  • Overview
  • Our lycopene-based vegan red is very effective in creating red beef to pink deli-ham shades for plant protein meat alternatives
    Our beta-carotene based yellows and orange deliver pepperoni to chicken type shade in plant protein meat alternatives
    Proven marketplace success
    Works synergistically with beet for a bleeding effect during cooking
    Disclaimer: performance will depend on protein base and process
    Our colors can work in higher fat solid matrices for meat applications
  • Color Suggestions
  • Name Hue Range
    ResoluteRuby A (works particularly well in higher fat and solid matrices) 18 – 24
    Frankfurter or hot dog type meat alternatives: ResilientRed A 24 - 29
    Deli-ham type meat type meat alternatives: ResoluteRuby A 18 - 24
    Deli-ham type meat type meat alternatives: ConstantCrimson B 16 – 22
    Chicken type meat alternatives: OrangeOvation B 29 – 38

Savory / Sauces / Pizza

Tomato reds that look so fresh, you’ll want to get lost in the sauce. Our natural lycopene-based tomato reds provide the perfect shades for savory sauces.

  • Overview
  • Our natural lycopene based colors can extend visual representation of freshness for pizza sauce
    Can provide additional color through the typical pizza life cycle
    Regulations differ: the use of color is only accepted in the US market; restrictions exist for the European Market
    Our natural Beta-Carotene based shades are great allergen free alternatives to annatto in cheese type sauces.
  • Color Suggestions
  • Name Hue Range
    Pizza/Tomato type sauces: ResilientRed A 24 – 29
    Cheese type sauces: OrangeOvation A 32.5 – 40
    Cheese type sauces: StellarYellow A 75 - 79


The clear choice, our natural colors work with softgels that are both translucent and opaque.

  • Overview
  • A range of bright orange to red shades from natural sources for softgel-based dietary supplements
    Adding ascorbic acid as an antioxidant at 500mg/kg provides added stability and vibrancy
  • Color Suggestions
  • Name Hue Range
    Deep red shell: ResilientRed A 24 – 29
    ConstantCrimson A 9 – 15
    OrangeOvation A 32.5 – 40
  • r

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All of our products are put through rigorous stress testing to ensure that they deliver what they promise. Our colorants are subjected to harsh processing and various storage conditions to guarantee their stability. We’ve also researched consumer impressions and reactions to qualify how our colorants are perceived when used in particular applications. Watch our videos to see the results of these studies.

Lycored ResoluteReds for UHT Milk

Lycored Super Stable Color for Gummies and Hard Candies

Lycored Super Stable Colors


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