Excellence comes naturally.


We’re planting the seeds of innovation.

We've always believed that nature holds a wealth of knowledge, and we've spent the last two decades making a study of it, analyzing every facet for new solutions and ideas. Our journey continually strengthens our dedication to advancing wellness in everything we do, which is evident not only in the clinically-backed efficacy of our products, but also in our Lycored Lycopene seal.


Harvesting Possibilities

Every detail counts.

Ownership is an important concept to us. By taking a thoughtful, holistic approach to vertical integration we’re able to oversee and account for every step.

We grow our own tomatoes in farms all across the world.

After harvest, we extract the lycopene-rich tomato oleoresin in our own facilities.

Meet our golden opportunity.

Our dedication to both vertical integration as well as extensive research has led us to develop unique systems throughout our garden, which have culminated in the creation of the golden tomato.

Our proprietary breed boasts high concentrations of the colorless carotenoids phytofluene and phytoene which are rare in our foods.

We created a video as an excellent introduction to a very interesting part of our garden.
Watch the video.

There's always more.

Tomatoes aren’t our only speciality. We’re also vertically integrated with blakeslea trispora, a fungus and beta-carotene super-producer.

Our methods have been so effective that we are now one of the largest manufacturer of natural beta-carotene in the world.

Discover our techniques, why we opted for a fungus over more typical beta-carotene sources (like carrots), and play our custom, arcade-style game Beta Blasters!
Play Beta Blasters!


Thinking small is a wonderful thing.

Each of our beadlet microencapsulation techniques, which are widely utilized in our lycopene family, enhances the bioavailability and stability of ingredients while minimizing cross-interaction and protecting against oxidation.

Alginate Beadlets (VBAF)

In this proprietary technology, active ingredients are encased by ionic complexes in algae. The resulting beadlets are allergen-free, vegan, and stable for 33% longer. (Our lutein complex utilizes this technique.)

Starch Beadlets

Here, we encapsulate our active ingredients in starch. This type of beadlet is water dispersible and suitable for use in both food and supplements.

Gelatin Beadlets

This method allows us to encapsulate the desired nutrients in gelatin. Our beadlets protect against oxidation and increase the stability of the nutrients housed inside.

Trials & Studies

We’re a work in progress.

  • Preclinical In-Vitro Platforms

    Synergy is the driving force behind the success of our products. There are two steps to finding which phytonutrients work best together, and in what ratios.

  • Step one is the optimization of the ratio of phytonutrients in an extract.

  • Step two is to combine different extracts to find the most promising and sensitive point of connection.

  • We repeat this process until we find the most potent recipe.

  • Ongoing Clinical Research

    Our commitment to backing our products with science means that we never rest on the road to excellence. We collect more data, conduct more studies, and run more trials with the hopes of unearthing new insights and applications for our phytonutrients and Lycored Nutrient Complexes.

We stand by all we do.

Everything you’ve just seen and read can be summarized perfectly by our Lycored Lycopene seal.

Wellness should never be coupled with caveats and bargains. Our seal is a symbol of excellence, and a commitment that you’ll never get anything less from us. It may be a small symbol, but it’s a powerful one, a perfect representation of why our methodologies are so rigorous. Trust is not something we take lightly—it isn’t enough for us to simply say that our products are good. We go to great lengths to know for certain that they are because you and your consumers deserve as much. Our seal is a promise that we will never take shortcuts on the road to wellness.

If you’re curious about joining us on this exciting journey email [email protected] for further details.