The building rocks of lasting nutrition

Like the minerals that make the foundation of good nutrition, our business is built on core processes and principles we call “building rocks” that ground us to help us reach great heights of inspiration, innovation and product quality. Each has an important role to play individually but together they provide a careful balance that sustains our scientific approach to unlocking nature's wellness.

Read below to see how each helps color and shape our journey of wellness alongside some stones believed to have their own powerful properties.

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Our rock stars

Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are an essential part of a balanced lifestyle but they are also extremely delicate and can be easily compromised on the way to you. Whether it’s our Vitamin B or D products or a nutrient like arginine, all our formulations are perfected to maximize potency and purity via our proprietary extraction and microencapsulation technology, so every part of you gets exactly what it needs—from your head to your heart to your toes.

Named for its lemony colors, sunny citrine is all about positivity and enthusiasm and is said to help inspire new beginnings, dreams, clarity, mindfulness, focus and decisiveness.

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Nothing for granite

Our products may be inspired by nature but they stand firmly on insights grounded in scientific curiosity for how we can build on what nature’s given us. Whether it’s the 250+ clinical trials we’ve run on our tomato extract proving a variety of health benefits or studies on the synergistic effects of our nutrients or our drive to perfect delivery technologies that protect high-value actives, all our work is backed by years of clinical research, trials and innovations and preclinical invitro platforms in partnership with leading labs and universities around the world.

The blue stone of wisdom and royalty, sapphire is said to attract prosperity and peace while opening up the mind to beauty and intuition and aiding vision, blood, anxiety and insomnia issues.

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Keep on rocking

We know that all the power of our vitamins means nothing if they don’t get where they’re needed with their full vitality and viability intact. To ensure maximum bioavailability (the measure of how much of an ingredient reaches its destination in the body), we’ve carefully engineered our production methods to maximize absorption and the slow measured release of nutrients over time.

An intensely protective stone, obsidian is said to help shield against physical and emotional negativity, promoting strength, clarity, self-awareness and compassion while aiding in digestion and detoxification and reducing pain.

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Rock solid sourcing

A big reason we’re able to stand behind the quality of our products is that we control the whole end-to-end production process for many of them. By taking a thoughtful, holistic approach that vertically integrates all the steps from growing to production, we’re able to ensure maximum safety, quality and efficacy. It also allows us to achieve an incredible efficiency that minimizes waste and maximizes sustainability, like in the tightly controlled process behind our pro-vitamin A, beta-carotene, which we painstakingly extract from a unique nutrient-rich fungus to yield an incredibly powerful phytonutrient for supporting healthy skin and vision.

Believed to bring energy, garnet is said to boost whole body health, offering feelings of revitalization, confidence and protection from bad vibes.

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Playing gneiss together

Study after study has revealed the astonishingly effective ways carotenoids work in harmony to support each other and boost a variety of health benefits. Each nutrient brings something unique to the table and we’ve crafted our nutrient and supplement blends and extracts to maintain these precise and powerful balances. Whether it’s in our powerful product blends or the way we innovate together, synergy is the driving force behind our success.

Tropical-beach blue turquoise is believed to promote overall balance and healing in the mind, body and soul, bringing emotional and spiritual grounding and aiding the respiratory, skeletal and immune systems.

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Like a rock

We never know exactly where our nutrients are headed in the world or how they’ll be stored, handled or consumed, so we built them to last by sending them off with the best protection possible: our innovative microencapsulation and coating techniques designed for long-term shelf-stability and efficacy. Our line of natural colorants and Resolute Reds have also proven their ability in trials and real world application to maintain their vibrancy from production to processing, transport, storage and consumer use in all kinds of foods and beverages.

Known as the “supreme nurturer,” jasper is said to empower the spirit, focus mindfulness and reduce stress by absorbing negativity and promoting courage, quick thinking and confidence.

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The final ingredient: Vitamin You

Maintaining balanced wellness takes skill and a lot of different nutrients working together, but the one we most often forget to take is self care: taking time to be present, checking in with ourselves, caring for ourselves and finding gratitude for the gifts around us. Wherever we go and whoever we met, we believe there’s an opportunity to spread the message that we’re all gems inside and encourage everyone to give themselves a hug and share their heart's healing power with the world.

See how our mission to #rethinkbeautiful has come to life online and in real life around the world with notes of nourishment our global community has sent to themselves, to strangers and used in installations of positivity at events around the world.

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Ready to rock?

From tablets to powders, beadlets and gels, our vitamin and mineral products are Kosher, Halal, allergen-free, non-GMO, vegan and available in a number of delivery systems engineered for seamless inclusion in a range of dry or liquid products that best match your products or delivery needs—all while promoting the slow, measured release of ingredients into the body to make the most of their health-boosting properties

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