We braved the elements together.

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Good in Bloom went global.

Giving back to our community is important to us, no matter where in the world we are. In 2017, we installed shareable umbrella stands throughout Japan to help give the people of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima a break from the sun.

A test in both honesty and courtesy, our stands acted as a little social experiment—results were measured by how many umbrellas were returned. Overall, 84% or more people returned the umbrellas they borrowed, everyone we met was excited (and grateful!) to participate, and enjoyed the chance to strengthen the bonds within their neighborhoods. After all, sharing is caring.

While we always try to find ways to show our appreciation for the planet, we’ve set up our own very special Heart + Soil Day to celebrate nature, and our connection to it.

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A look back at Good in Bloom

We’ve always believed that an act of kindness, even a little one, could make a big impact. We helped kids (and teachers) connect to nature by taking our mobile garden out for a spin. We also celebrated Earth Day our own way by giving fresh-cut floral surprises to friends, family, and even unsuspecting strangers. Watch our videos below to see how we’re working to honor all things green, great, and growing.

What’s so great about the tomato?

We’ve made the tomato our hero fruit for a reason. Each one holds a wealth of nutrients that can benefit our health in a multitude of ways, from skin appearance and texture to supporting vision and cardiovascular wellness. We’re proud to source carotenoids like lycopene from this humble plant, and offer it in a range of formulations and proprietary blends like our Lycomato® and Lycored Nutrient Complexes.

12 easy, earth-friendly things to start doing now:

Avoid printed receipts and tickets when possible.
Pay bills online and opt out of mailed duplicates.
Recycle glass and plastic bottles and containers.
Turn off the lights if you aren’t in the room.
Unplug electronics that are not in use.
Use the great outdoors as your personal gym.
Run errands back-to-back to save on driving.
Switch to rechargeable batteries.
Use tote bags when shopping.
Stock your freezer. (It keeps it running efficiently.)
Skip the elevator and take the stairs.
Turn your computer off overnight.