Playing in the dirt never gets old.

How often do you stop to acknowledge the humbling beauty and power of nature? From the smallest blade of grass to the tallest mountain, every facet of our planet is truly awe-inspiring, particularly our relationship to it.

Heart + Soil Day is not only about appreciating and celebrating natural wonders, but also our connection to them and, as a result, each other. Let’s take this day to enjoy all the riches around us and to remember that the earth is everyone’s common ground.

Join the celebration.

Getting involved is easy and fun no matter how you choose to do it. Simply enjoying your surroundings is a great start. Here are a few other things you can do:

Whether you enjoy the day in quiet contemplation or with friends, we hope you have a beautiful and enriching experience.

We braved the elements:

As part of our worldwide Heart + Soil Day celebration, our team in the United States headed to the sunny Las Vegas strip to provide some shade and hand out a refreshing cold-pressed juice to passersby. The tomato-printed umbrellas installation was warmly received, as was our reminder that while sunscreen is always a good idea, skin health starts on the inside.

Add your own color.

What’s a celebration without party favors? We created a coloring book that serves as both a reminder of this special day and as a prompt to keep thinking about (and appreciating) the world around us. Download yours below, and feel free to color as far outside the lines as you want.

Download your coloring book.