The Cycle of Glow

Cycle of Glow

A Holistic Wellness Journey in Three Parts







Properly and mindfully fueling our bodies with nutrient-rich foods and plenty of water.
Consciously taking care of ourselves in every action we take, from wearing sunscreen to starting a new wellness regimen.
Building and maintaining healthy habits that let us spread wellness to others.

When we’re good to our bodies and our minds, they return the favor by giving us the strength to share our goodness with the world. Built on this philosophy, the Cycle of Glow lets us show the warm heart beneath our hard science in fun and exciting ways, and stresses our commitment to pursuing holistic wellness through nutrition, supplementation, and activities that have a positive impact on our well-being.



The key to proper nourishment is mindful consumption. By carefully choosing nutrient-rich foods and supplements, we can help our bodies maintain their natural processes, ease our minds, and raise our spirits.

It feels good to do good.

Carotenoid levels in our bodies can increase just 24 hours after supplementation,* but while the full benefits of carotenoid supplementation take time to cultivate, there are some effects—like reduced redness in the skin—that can be seen after just a few weeks.* We brought this concept to life by opening the Magic Mountain ski resort in Vermont on Valentine’s Day and nourishing the wellness of skiers both inside and out. We first fed attendees carotenoid-rich tomato soup and encouraged them to write themselves love letters as part of our ongoing Letters of Love program, a cornerstone of our #rethinkbeautiful initiative. Together, the soup and the love letters showed how carotenoids can help nourish our bodies and our spirits.

See the science.
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Our allies work better together.

We created Lycoderm, our proprietary skin health nutrient blend, to synergistically enhance the benefits of topical, external skin treatments. During its development, we found that carotenoids work even better when synergistically combined with rosemary extract to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in skin tissue.* In order to showcase this synergy, we went to Las Vegas and created a custom awning out of parasols printed with tomatoes. We then invited passersby to drink nutritious juices underneath—creating an environment that was as nourishing as it was refreshing.

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A well-rounded approach to wellness is built on more than just our diet—every facet of our lives contributes to our overall happiness and well-being. Through moderation and open-mindedness, we can achieve balance along our personal wellness journeys.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Carotenoids aid in our skin’s natural response to environmental stressors such as UV rays,* and when used in conjunction with topicals, they can support and complement an active outdoor lifestyle and even help improve long-term skin health.† To showcase the idea of overcoming environmental stressors, we took the environment head on as the Official Skin Health Partner of the GoPro Mountain Games, where we worked with our fitness/skin health ambassador to create unique outdoor activities like blindfolded fitness challenges.

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It’s all about give and take.

Antioxidants like carotenoids help balance our skin from environmental stressors such as UV rays.* These antioxidants build up, like a “reservoir of goodness” that’s there when you need it. However, this reservoir naturally depletes as we age, which is why it becomes increasingly more important to aid our body in maintaining healthy carotenoid levels and replenish carotenoids through our diet and supplementation. To bring the concept of a carotenoid reservoir to life, we held an activation in Japan where passersby were invited to borrow parasols from our branded bin on a sunny day. The umbrellas helped keep their skin shaded, and when they returned them after, they replenished the bin itself, helping others keep their skin balanced, too.

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There is no finish line to the pursuit of wellness. But through continuous, dedicated efforts, we can build long-lasting healthy habits and rituals that keep our bodies, minds, and spirits stimulated and satisfied every step of our journey.

Just one piece of 
the puzzle

Carotenoid supplementation can be used as part of a holistic skincare regimen to reduce oxidative stress and control erythema,* support healthy blood flow,† and otherwise promote long-term, sustainable skin health.‡ This holistic approach to promoting wellness was demonstrated when we (literally and metaphorically) painted the town red. To reinforce the positive affirmations from our Letters of Love campaign, we printed them off in massive sheets and plastered them all over London. It worked—we saw plenty of smiling faces and an uptick in digital Letters of Love submissions.

See the science.
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All around the world

Cultivating wellness doesn’t happen overnight, and studies have shown that while supplementation with carotenoids produced notable improvements—from reduced redness to cellular and molecular skin support*—after 4 weeks, those improvements grew more pronounced at weeks 8 and 12.† In much the same way, our Letters of Love campaign wasn’t created overnight, and finding new ways to grow the initiative and reach new audiences has been key to increasing its impact and extending its longevity.

See the science.
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We’re committed to helping cultivate wellness however we can. We do this through our world-class vitamins, carotenoids, our proprietary skin nutrient blends such as Lycoderm, and a far-reaching range of wellness-based initiatives.

It’s this commitment to nourishing, balancing, and sustaining wellness that’s inspired every step of our journey and continues to empower us to create more opportunities to share our take on wellness with the world.

Join the movement.