Self-discovery is the name of the game.

This year we were once again the Official Skin Health Sponsor of the GoPro Mountain Games, an annual event that brings tens of thousands of people to the Rocky Mountains in order to celebrate adventure sports, music, art, and nature.

We took this gathering as an opportunity to help share our #rethinkbeautiful campaign with people from across the globe, challenging them to rethink their perceptions around skincare and emphasize the importance of inner beauty.

Our team encouraged attendees and athletes to join the #rethinkbeautiful movement by writing love letters to themselves at a station we hosted in Adventure Village.

To help people write richer love letters, our team enlisted the help of Lycored Brand Ambassador and competitive athlete Corey Reed, who held #rethinkbeautiful Blindfold Family Fitness Challenges throughout the weekend and Blindfold Fitness Workouts in the mornings.

Because Corey is blind and an amputee, he was uniquely equipped to help festival-goers let go of their fears and unleash their inner strength and beauty by challenging them to run, hop, cheer, and dance around obstacles while blindfolded.

Without the use of sight, guests were able to experience first-hand how different their worlds can become and were empowered to rediscover their inner being. They were able to, if only briefly, experience beauty as Corey does, where it’s felt and not seen.

Corey and his team of coaches provided fun ways to learn how to navigate without sight, how to give and receive trust, and how to use inner strength and resilience to adapt and overcome unforeseen challenges.

We also invited each passerby we connected with to share their path to becoming the best version of themselves, empowering them to reconnect to life’s greatest adventure and helping them find their inner adventurer.

Through attendees’ engagement with Corey and their temporary experience without sight, they were able to redefine their sense of beauty and become more conscious of the glow and shine they exude.

A meaningful impact from Lycored on Vimeo.