Our authentic, natural colors for plant-based meats.

Consumers relish meat-free alternatives that look and taste like the real thing, that only use all-natural, clean-label ingredients.

Color plays a key role in food choice, it influences taste thresholds, food preference, pleasantness and acceptability. When it comes to meat-free, color is even more important. Color must work in harmony with taste and texture to replicate the deliciousness of meat products in their meat-free counterparts. The authenticity and consistency of shade over time is vital to the market success of plant-based meats.

Our carotenoid color family of natural source, comes in an authentic range of hues, from yellow, through orange and reds and pinks.

Our natural source food colorants are perfect for coloring plant based cold cuts, meat substitutes such as hamburgers, ground meat, bacon and frankfurters, poultry and vegan fish alternatives like tuna or shrimp.

While they may be easy on the eye, they are extremely robust and enduring. Even under the harshest of processing conditions including high shear, smoking or steaming, they remain resolutely stable to heat and light; and are pH independent, this means longer shelf life and greater packaging, display and storage flexibility than other color alternatives.


There’s more to sourcing natural colors than meets the eye.

Today’s consumers expect plant-based meats to replicate their meat equivalents. To achieve this you need a source of colors that can work in complex recipes, survive taxing manufacturing processes and remain stable throughout storage and shelf-life.

To help you make the right choice, we compared our plant based colorants against common alternatives such as red iron oxide, carmine or cochineal, anthocynanins (such as black carrot or red cabbage) and betalains (such as red beet). We assessed them against a range of critical factors including naturality, shade authenticity, stability (pH, light, temperature) as well as other decision making factors such as regulatory considerations.

Our Lycopene based colors outperformed the alternatives; offering the best value and performance of all solutions considered for vegan meat analogues.

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Vivid food colors with clear advantage

A broad range of unique shades to simulate meat products (ground beef, cold cuts such as delicatessen ham, turkey, chicken, frankfurters or sausages).
Proven to withstand even the most demanding processing, recipe, temperature, lighting, storage, packaging and cooking conditions.
Naturally sourced, Vegan, Kosher, Halal, Allergen-free, Non-GMO (Non-GMO Project verified), declared as ‘Lycopene’ or ‘Lycopene from red tomatoes’ or color: Beta-Carotene.

We take the time to learn.

We put all of our colors through rigorous stress testing to ensure that they deliver what they promise. Our colorants are tested to the highest level of scrutiny for stability, safety, and performance. We compare them with common alternatives using application specific recipes and processing methods and storage conditions to guarantee their superior stability.

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