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At Lycored, we’re reimagining what beauty is, and what it could be. We’re digging deeper by thinking of it as something that comes from the inside. Loving ourselves for the skin we’re in is the first step to getting a truly lit-from-within glow. Join us to change the conversation.

"We believe that true beauty lives in individuality."

"Someone that...lives life for all the right reasons."

"To be beautiful, one needs to be thankful..."

Show yourself some love.

When we ask ourselves what we like about someone, a few things quickly come to mind. But if we ever turn that question inward, we often pause, unsure of what to say. So let’s reset right now. Take a moment to reflect on everything you love about you. Then, write yourself a digital love letter. We’ll send it back when you least expect it. Want to send a letter to your friend too? Feel free, but please note that we can only send one message per unique email address.

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We’re giving our mission some extra mileage by hitting the road to spread the word. Follow our journey as we go on the map below, and click through the gallery to see more from each stop.

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9/23 - 9/24 Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival Franklin, TN

The secret is out.

It’s always a good idea to give yourself a little TLC, and when you do, it shows. We asked Lycored Yoga Ambassador Kristin McGee about stretching and breathing her way to self-love. Nutrition Ambassador Amie Valpone told us about her journey to find ways to take care of herself, and how doing so helped her heal her mind and body.

We've got it down to a science.

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to ingestible skincare, but how many of them have been put through rigorous testing to guarantee clinical efficacy? The carefully calibrated mix of vital nutrients found in Lycoderm™ was shown to increase skin smoothness, density, and thickness, as well as help prevent damage caused by sunlight.* Formulated with lycopene sourced from tomatoes and carnosic acid from rosemaries, Lycoderm™ harnesses nature’s power to help your skin work its hardest from the inside out. Look out for Lycoderm™ in Douglas Laboratories® new product, Skin Protect, coming soon.

We did it! Our skin health study made us a for University Research of the Year.

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