5 Tips for Healthy Skin this Summer

Summer is here, which means it’s time to focus on your healthy glow and protect your skin. We all know we can’t get too silly in the sun!  Although, instead of staying inside all the time, there are easy ways to limit sun damage and exposure while still enjoying time outside. 

The importance of Sunscreen 

It’s not everybody’s favorite but it’s also not your grandma’s sunscreen. That’s worth its weight in gold! 

Keep in mind that UV radiation is present every day of the year. While it is a lesser concern during the winter it is still there. Adding an SPF of at least 15 is an easy way to manage sun exposure on a daily basis. 

There are many forms of sunscreens; not all will leave a white cast or feel sticky.

Find the one that fits you best here: How To Select a Sunscreen 

Other Barriers 

Sunscreen is fantastic. But it isn’t the only way to build protection against the sun. Keeping your skin healthy this summer may also look like choosing breathable material that may cover more skin and still feel good to wear. 

We know you can pull any look! So why not look into it? 

Additionally, you can only apply sunscreen on some parts of your body, leaving more sensitive spots like your scalp vulnerable to UV radiation. Don’t forget to wear a hat if you plan to be out for long periods of time. 

Be Mindful and Purposeful 

Health and wellness, much like life, is all about balance. While excess sun exposure can have harmful effects on skin health and overall health, there are benefits to it. 

Some of us feel it more than most, but sunny days are a great mood booster and can have great effects on mental health. Exposure to sunlight also triggers the production of vitamin D which is linked to bone and teeth health, immunity, and mood regulation. 

Nature has a lot to offer, and we should be able to enjoy some of it. When planning outings, make sure you are getting the benefits you are seeking and that you have a plan to get your body what it needs. 

Adapt your Skincare to the Weather 

Summers and Winters are different everywhere, but at least for regions away from the poles and the equator, the weather will change. Differences in humidity and temperature can change the needs of your skin throughout the year. 

Whatever the season, the main pillars of skincare are exfoliating, moisturizing, and protecting. The same formulas for each may not work for all seasons, so make sure you have sustainable options for each season to ensure your skin weathers all seasons seamlessly. (Weather…  get it?) 

Consider Skin Health from Inside Out this Summer 

The skin and beauty industries have seen a push to move cosmetics rituals from topicals to nutraceuticals over the last few years. 

Right now, a complete switch to nutraceuticals isn’t realistic, especially regarding sun protection. But we can absolutely encourage and prep from the inside. 

It’s important to mention, that when used as a complementary approach to topical sun-care and a sun-conscious lifestyle, nutraceuticals can support an active, outdoor lifestyle and help improve long-term skin health. 

Our very own beauty from within portfolio is a great step in the right direction. Home to two tomato-based ingredient solutions, Lycomato and Lumenato, each work hard from the inside out to help protect the skin against external stressors like UV, pollutants and bacteria. 

 Extracted from our red tomato, Lycomato is packed with nature’s goodness and has shown its power as a strong antioxidant that helps the body from the inside out to balance photodamage and strengthen the skin barrier, which is extremely important for keeping the skin hydrated and looking its best.

The phytonutrients found in Lumenato come from our golden tomato and work double duty to help manage oxidative damage while encouraging our inner glow.  help encourage your glow and manage oxidative damage. In the case of Lumenato, after 12 weeks participants reported improvements in skin elasticity, firmness, brightness, skin tone, reduction in dark spots and periorbital dark circles, skin hydration, texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. Phew! 

Remember to talk about skin health with a health professional of your choice, as the skin is the biggest organ of your body. 

Drink water and enjoy your summer! 


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