A beautiful achievement

Last month we were in Los Angeles for Beautycon—an event that connects thousands of attendees with hundreds of creators and brands to celebrate the power of beauty and wellness.

This event was particularly relevant to our vision as a company, as the theme of the B-WELL Experience (the health & wellness section of Beautycon) was “redefining beauty from the inside out.” We took this experience to the next level by creating a unique Letters of Love postcard for the event that illuminated our “Recipe for Radiance.” (Note: the primary ingredient is self-love.)

We saw a groundswell of positive reactions at Beautycon, and there were over 1,600 love letters written at the event. This brings the total number of love letters written to 10,000—a milestone we believe is worthy of celebrating. To everyone who’s participated in this incredible movement, thank you! Together, we truly are promoting self-love, cultivating wellness, and rethinking what it means to be beautiful.