Making time for wellness from Lycored on Vimeo.

A big week for littleglow

When our lives get busy, it can feel like there’s not enough time in the day to focus on ourselves and the people they care about, so we designed littleglow to help people find small ways to add a Pop of Positivity to even the busiest days.

To celebrate the app’s launch this week, we went to Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont where we shot a fun video starring someone who knows a thing or two about staying active (and earning some style points along the way): Four-time US Snowboarding Grand Prix Winner and Olympian, Louie Vito.

For our video, Louie did more than just show off his snowboarding skills—he volunteered to “fill in” for Magic Mountain staffers scanning lift tickets, flipping burgers, waxing skis and more to give the employees plenty of time to shred the slopes.

The video helped us show that, even if we don’t have a pro snowboarder helping with our workload, we can all find small moments during the day to work on our overall wellness.

At the end of the day, everyone shared a few smiles and high-fives and returned to their regular roles—but not before Louie showed them a thing or two on the slopes.Louie wasn’t the only one having fun at Magic Mountain. We also held a littleglow launch party on the mountain with a scavenger hunt spanning the slopes. The Lycored team canvassed the mountain with bright, inspiring posters that featured Pops of Positivity designed to engage the minds, bodies, and spirits of skiers and snowboarders:

Reminder: You Rock! (Spirit) and Dear Pen Pal (Spirit)
We placed a Letters of Love mailbox atop one of the slopes and encouraged riders to share some words of positivity with themselves and others.

Picture This (Spirit) and Head in the Clouds (Mind)
At a scenic lookout point on the mountain, we encouraged riders to reflect on their picturesque surroundings.

In Retrospect (Mind)
In and around the lodge and restaurant areas, we invited skiers to consider something about the day they found challenging, how they overcame it, and what they learned from the experience.

Get Down to Business (Body)
Near the bottom of the beginner slope, we encouraged riders to celebrate reaching the flatland by making a snow angel.

Ride High (Body)
In the chairlift line, we helped riders raise their spirits and challenged them to take out any earbuds and strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger.

Warm Up From the Inside Out (Body) and Please, After You (Body)
Back in the lodge, we asked riders to warm their bodies and hearts by buying a hot chocolate for a stranger and holding the doors open for others.

Thank you to our friends at Magic Mountain for their help, to all the skiers and snowboarders who participated in the scavenger hunt, to Louie for lending us his time and leading the way, and to the Lycored team members who made it all happen!