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Telling people about blakeslea trispora's incredible antioxidative powers is one thing. Sharing those benefits in a retro, arcade-style game is something else entirely. Play the game below or scroll down to learn more about our most unusual innovation yet.


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Join the fight against the Free Radicals.

Emperor Oxide has set up shop inside the cell nucleus and he’s hell-bent on harming the precious DNA inside. With your trusty beta-carotene-powered vitamin A blaster and your carotenoid allies at your side, your mission is to defeat him before it’s too late. But first you’ve got to blast your way past nasty Hemogoblins and Free Radicals. Look out! They could be anywhere.

May the spores be with you.

Meet the Fight-O-Nutrients: your synergistic antioxidant allies.

We’ve found that carotenoids like lutein, astaxanthin, phytofluene, lycopene, and alpha-carotene work even better in the body when they work together, so we’ve embedded a few of these powerful antioxidants in the game to help battle Emperor Oxide and the Free Radicals.

Lieutenant Lutina

Our deadliest sharpshooter. With the eyes of an eagle, Luti can’t fail.

Master Xanthin

A warrior with miraculous and mysterious antioxidant powers.

Fight O’Fluene

This tough, battle-hardened agent will temporarily protect you from all Free Radicals, Hemogoblins, and UV radiation.

Lord Lycopene

Armed to the teeth with antioxidant powers and born ready to fight Free Radicals.

Admiral Alpha

The all-knowing leader of the antioxidant forces, Alpha always has his watchful ion you.

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