Bringing inner beauty back

From eating right to staying positive and grounded, beauty on the outside is built on how we’re doing inside. But for those whose actual job it is to be beautiful, it can be extra tough to maintain, especially during a pandemic, and especially amid the pressures of a fashion show.

So, for the latest installment of our pandemic-adjusted Letters of Love initiative to promote inner beauty, we teamed up with makeup-artists like Maybelline’s Global Makeup Artist, Erin Parsons, and Veronica Velez, to offer some extra encouragement to models about to take the runway at New York Fashion Week this year. Enlisting the help of their virtual fashion communities [who couldn’t attend this year’s socially distanced events], they penned short, mood-lifting notes of wisdom, inspiration and positivity that we safely and anonymously delivered backstage during the Christian Siriano live show to help the models remember that no matter what’s going on outside around them, they’re all works of heart inside.