Carotenoids supplements for skin health

We’re frequently told to “love the skin we’re in,” but how
often do we really practice that? Over the years, Lycored
has come to realize that maintaining skin health and
wellness is a lifelong journey that begins on the inside,
the home of our “inner glow.” We created our ingestible
skincare research and our proprietary carotenoid supplements blends
with that notion in mind.
It’s also a philosophy we work hard to share with
consumers. Our #rethinkbeautiful initiative aims to
challenge traditional ideas of beauty and help people
build an emotional connection with the concept of
beauty-from-within. And in helping educate them on the
critical role nutrition plays in skin health and appearance,
we hope to support the growing ingestible skincare and skincare
supplements category.
The other side of the coin is that we are committed to
helping our industry partners understand and tap into
consumers’ attitudes to beauty. This report takes a
deep dive into current trends in beauty and skincare. It
presents new findings on consumers’ skincare goals, with
a particular focus on the concept of a “healthy glow”.