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Color us natural.

Our Food & Beverage category has a full plate when it comes to projects and growth, and we’re happy to see that, based on the results of our recent study, our hard work is being warmly received. We surveyed over 500 self-described “health conscious” moms that recently bought flavored milk for their kids. When given samples of milk colored with Artificial Red 3, Tomat-O-Red™ R, and Tomat-O-Red™ RP and asked to rate the appearance of the samples on a ten point scale, both of our colors were perceived as more natural-looking than the Artificial Red 3 sample.

But, we didn’t stop there. We also conducted an accelerated shelf-life study to test how the colors hold up against harsh UHT processing. Both Tomat-O-Red™ R and Tomat-O-Red™ RP had significantly better results than Artificial Red 3. In addition to standing up to tough conditions better than artificial versions and being seen as more natural-looking overall, the overwhelming majority of moms said that they’d pay more for products that use natural colors. The demand for natural colors and flavors is growing, and we’re happy that we’re able to lead the way and serve up reliable solutions for you and your consumers.