Frankie Boyd on Beauty

As a pro in the makeup industry, it’s more than just about physically applying makeup to the face. Skin health and vitality is also very important to me. Skin prep is an extremely crucial step in the process of any great makeup application. Any makeup artist worth their salt knows this.

I am also constantly looking for the next big innovations in the world of beauty. What’s new? What’s hot? What’s the buzz? In my research and travels around the globe, I have found that beauty wellness is becoming a huge trend. We live in a very hectic world. The workload just doesn’t stop. We are constantly on our phones and keeping crazy hours. These everyday stressors can ravage the skin if you’re not careful. If constantly traveling and on and off planes like I am, (as well as many of my clients) it can take a toll on the skin even more so. There definitely is a shift towards personal care, making time to work out, drink lots of water, eat right and taking supplements. Everyone is searching for a way to experience a personal zen moment. Take the time to pamper yourself whenever possible.

I know for a fact that a great makeup can only be as good as the canvas it is applied on. The condition of the skin and how foundation/concealer applies can make or break any great makeup application. Adding an ingestible skincare product to your topical skincare regime is ideal for maintaining your skin health. I believe ingestible skincare is the new frontier. In Asia, they have been using these types of products for the past 15 years. I think this is an exciting opportunity for consumers in the US beauty market. Lycored is on the forefront of this dazzling new trend. Their commitment to cultivating wellness and creating that inner glow which radiates from within is commendable. In the past year, as part of Lycored’s mission to #rethinkbeautiful, the team spread the word on the role that ingestible skincare plays in promoting beauty from within. #rethinkbeautiful challenges our standard of beauty and redefines what it means to be beautiful.