Get set to grow forward.


A new year is a time to learn from the past, appreciate the present, and plan for the endless possibilities of the future. I’m especially proud to become CEO just as we’re about to celebrate 20 years of amazing growth at Lycored. For two decades, we’ve upheld and refined our unwavering commitment to nature, science, and wellbeing. We’re pioneers, and that startup spirit is alive in everything we do. It will always be who we are and how we’re different.

It’s an empowering time for our company, for consumers, and for us as individuals. We’re taking control of our own health by choosing to eat nutritiously, stay active and remain true to our families and friends. As a company, we’re also supporting overall wellness by nurturing the relationships we have with one another, with our customers, suppliers and partners—and focusing on what we do best. It’s the same in nature. In order to grow, plants focus their resources and rely on their roots and environment for strength. This combination of personal health and partnership health has the power to make Lycored better than ever.

I hope these resolutions inspire you to reflect on the past, value the present, and get ready for the exciting growth that lies just ahead.

Top Five Lycoresolutions:

  1. We will seek inspiration and opportunities for growth in nature.
  2. We will continue to uphold the integrity of our ingredients and technologies and strive to provide even better, more reliable solutions to our partners.
  3. We will look for opportunities to master the entire process from seed to product.
  4. We will remain true to our scientific roots and commitment to quality.
  5. We will seek out partnerships that advance our capabilities and keep us moving forward.

Together, we’ll make 2015 our most amazing year yet.

– Rony Patishi-Chillim, CEO

Before joining Lycored, Ms. Patishi-Chillim spent several years as SVP at the Investment Banking Group of Barclays Capital. She joined Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd. in 2010 where she served as SVP of Business Development & Global Corporate Communications. She brings with her not only an incredible understanding of the strategic review process, but also an appreciation for the complexities involved with establishing a fully defined and distinct international brand.