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Our new production facility in Branchburg, NJ is filled with advanced milling, blending and custom-coating capabilities designed to maximize the purity, efficacy and shelf-stability of our vitamins, supplements and food and beverage ingredients while also vastly increasing our output capacity.

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Where science becomes supplements

The new facility brings together everything we’ve learned from 25 years of insights, ideas and investigations into the ways science can elevate the powerful wellness found in nature. From extraction to encapsulation, we’re always pushing for the next big idea to help make sure our carotenoid, vitamin and food products are as pure and potent as possible.

Capabilities at a Glance

It all begins within

The first steps for any of our products are the careful extraction of raw ingredients to ensure maximum potency and quality and then creating the right mix of synergistic compounds to elevate their effects. We’ve spent decades perfecting these blends and formulations to optimize how they work together and are always looking for new ways to optimize them to bring their natural harmonies to you

Milling and Blending Capabilities

Sustainability comes standard

We know that the quality of our source ingredients and how we grow, handle and process the delicate nutrients that go into our products is just as important as our product innovations themselves. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in a vertically integrated system to carefully control the entire journey from seed to supplement for our key products which allows us to maximize wellness and efficacy, minimize waste and take care of the earth along the way.

Sustainability Measures

Full-spectrum solutions

Our commitment to sustainability, quality and innovation shines through in our real food ingredients line of natural taste and texture enhancers and our family of superstable colors inspired by nature's rainbow. We’ve developed a plant-based range of resolute reds, oranges, yellows and golds that are constantly being refined and rigorously tested to maintain their hue in whatever product formulation they appear—outperforming many natural and synthetic options in a variety of food and beverage applications including carbonate and juice based beverages, UHT dairy, meat alternatives, bakery and many more.

Our Cast of Superstable Natural Colors

Quality from starch to finish

The final step to producing any of our products is our proprietary microencapsulation process that’s customized for every offering. After determining the most suitable delivery mechanism for the end application, we design and test a tailored core substrate and coating solution that ensures the preservation of ingredient purity, potency, shelf-stability and bioavailable efficacy all the way from production to packing to final delivery in the body.

Custom Coating Capabilities

All health breaks loose

When you put all those innovations together in a synergistic harmony that maximizes quality at every step of the journey, the possibilities for powerful wellness are endless.

An extensive range

One solution doesn’t fit all. That’s why we developed proprietary nutrient blends for a wide range of applications. Explore our fields of innovation to discover which can best elevate your business.

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