Great things are happening.

We’re humbled by the praise and recognition we received at this year’s Stevie Awards. Earlier this month our leadership team attended the 2018 American Business Awards banquet, where they took to the podium to accept two awards: Brand Experience of the Year and Engaged Community of the Year.

Keep scrolling to see what the judges had to say about our work this year.

Note: The following are all judges’ comments on this entry. We have not edited or curated the comments in any way.

Lycored’s #rethinkbeautiful & Good in Bloom
Brand Experience of the Year – Consumer

“Simple, powerful and engaging. A very compelling campaign.”

“This excels in two areas. First, the love letters campaign at festivals is inspired. It puts the company in front of its target audience in an unexpected and fun way, then hits the audience with a reminder down the road. Second, the web presence is excellent. All of the elements come together to make this a remarkable campaign.”

“Really beautiful and impressive campaign.”

Lycored’s #rethinkbeautiful & Good in Bloom
Engaged Community of the Year

“Strong creative concept – well executed.”

“The Letters of Love campaign is especially inspired.”

“Seeing a company put social responsibility first is inspiring – and the success of the campaign speaks for itself.”